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Fest Track

Fest Track is a unique learning opportunity for teachers aimed to enhance your professional development.

As a participant of our Fest Track programme you can observe an ISTA festival from the perspective of a Student Ensemble Leader (SEL) by shadowing one of the SELs for the duration of the festival. You will have the opportunity to observe, reflect and learn from the processes that an ensemble goes through, from the initial starting point through to the final performance.

Fest Track aims to give you the opportunity to experience a festival and its dynamic without the pressure of a leading role. It allows you the chance to step back and view the festival objectively. Through this process you can reflect on your own practice and how other’s methodologies and ways of working might inform and inspire your own future practice.

If you would like to book for this great opportunity, please go to the booking form which can be found in Our Forms.

Please contact Jen for more information.

The Fest Track experience - Jo King

Fest track - all you need to know

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