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Due to COViD we are currently producing a wide range of virtual events for young people and teachers. We invite you to peruse the specific event pages below to find out more about our current offers.

From our menu of festivals for 2021 to TaPS online, Spotlight sessions and master classes for students of DP Theatre to our monthly PD&L workshops; as well as AiRs online, we are delighted to be able to offer the ISTA experience, through a virtual platform, that remains true to our immersive, interactive and collaborative approach, whilst at the same time fostering connection, friendship and togetherness.

‘Thanks ISTA – I’m so proud to be a part of this organisation!!
Seeing other ISTA artists and connecting with international colleagues virtually was a needed boost!’

Tim Reid, Clarkstown North High School, United States of America





We produce and run more than 80 events each year designed to inspire and engage students and teachers alike. From our fabulous festivals to our inspiring teacher workshops, our events are designed to leave lasting memories and transform the lives of everyone who takes part.


Now producing over 50 annual festivals and training programmes with a membership of around 200 schools worldwide, ISTA is bigger, better and still growing!

We were able to meet and socialise with people from totally different backgrounds. It made the experience much more remarkable and unforgettable – it became much more varied and unique. It allowed me to understand, take and see things from a different perspective, and not stress out about everything so much. Instead, it reassured me that it wasn’t impossible.

Student at New York TaPS, October 2013

Our Global Partners

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ISTA is home to a thriving community of internationally renowned and celebrated insights. They frequently share their knowledge, passions and expertise with us. Prepare to be inspired.

Where we are and where we are going: An update

August 8

Following our most recent board of trustees meeting at the end of June, I thought I’d give you an update of some of our plans and the initiatives we’re working on so you have a sense of our direction. Some of you will have already heard...