ISTA specialises in global learning through theatre.

We are a UK based charity, founded in 1978 providing transformative learning experiences for educators and young people worldwide. We create communities of learning, working closely with over 240 member schools and in partnership with a diverse range of educational and cultural settings around the world.

We use the ISTA Ensemble method, a collaborative approach to learning, community building and story-based inquiry, using story as a way to understand the world and as a tool for change.

We believe in the unique power of theatre and the arts to connect, develop, transform and empower people to become active members and change makers in their own communities and the world.





We produce and run more than 80 events each year designed to inspire and engage students and teachers alike. From our fabulous festivals to our inspiring teacher workshops, our events are designed to leave lasting memories and transform the lives of everyone who takes part.


Now producing over 50 annual festivals and training programmes with a membership of around 200 schools worldwide, ISTA is bigger, better and still growing!

We were able to meet and socialise with people from totally different backgrounds. It made the experience much more remarkable and unforgettable – it became much more varied and unique. It allowed me to understand, take and see things from a different perspective, and not stress out about everything so much. Instead, it reassured me that it wasn’t impossible.

Student at New York TaPS, October 2013

Our Global Partners

Atlanta International SchoolISTA Performing Arts Academy, Hong KongNear WestInternational School of Phnom PenhDulwich College SingaporeSt. Julian'sART Thailand9/11 Memorial & Museum

ISTA is home to a thriving community of internationally renowned and celebrated insights. They frequently share their knowledge, passions and expertise with us. Prepare to be inspired.

The creation of a TAPS artistic team

November 17

by Emily Grant It was my second year of researching practitioners for all six TAPS events for the 2023-2024 season in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. At these events, we had a host of talented professional artists who worked...