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Milestones, crossroads and spiritual awakenings

31 October 2017

By Sally Robertson I’m at a crossroads, a turning point. It’s a milestone moment for me and, to be honest, I’m considering a breakdown or, as Brené Brown says: “It’s not a breakdown, it’s a f*****g spiritual awakening.” I feel I should explain. When people ask me about the most meaningful role in my life […]

ISTA Stories – Spring 2017

14 August 2017

As part of a new feature we asked ISTA members and artists to share their stories with us back in the spring. Here’s a selection of some of the ones we received: Georgia Munnion ISTA truly has been my second home from about the age of fourteen. As a student, I attended four festivals and […]

ISTA – a little reflection

By Joachim Matschoss I discovered recently that I have been a part of ISTA for more than thirty years and as I look back I can only describe this journey as being part of a huge galaxy – I can see every star (every artist, every teacher, every student) when I look up, look around, […]

ISTA Stories: Michael Westberg on the first Connect festival

18 April 2017

Traffic. Trash. Trash pickers. Street kids. Smiles. Inspiration. Connections. For me, ISTA has always been about making connections. It was an introduction to the world of Jakarta’ s street children that led to my hosting the very first ISTA Connect festival in April of 2014: Hidden worlds. In the previous 25 years I had participated […]

ISTA Stories: Typhoon fails to thwart IB Teacher Workshop

By Christine Anketell Despite a severe typhoon warning for Hong Kong, our plane departed Melbourne. The next morning the warning was still in place and we were informed that we were required to stay in our hotel and our Hong Kong colleagues were likewise unable to leave their homes. So, stranded in our hotel and unable […]