The chronicle of an event coordinator

By Helen Abbott

In 2018, when I saw that ISTA was looking to take on two new event coordinators (ECs), I immediately knew I wanted to apply. Having moved to several different cities and countries, and only recently having made the move to Brussels, I was looking for something stable in my life, something that, once the inevitable move came again, I could take with me, something that was mine and that I was proud of. Having worked as an artist for ISTA for nearly ten years, I knew it was an organisation that I greatly respected and had a sense that working on staff would be a perfect role for me.

It just felt right so I applied, was interviewed and was absolutely thrilled to get the job. It allows me to be part of such a great, supportive, hard-working and creative team. It gives me the stability that I was struggling to find as a nomadic freelance artist. I am also able to continue my freelance work, and the two jobs – artist and EC – complement each other perfectly. Even though much of my EC work is admin based, there are so many areas where I am looked to for an artist perspective and am also given creative projects to work on.

My work as an EC definitely appeals to the organised and ordered side of me: I enjoy coordinating information, colour coding and arranging files or emails to best complete or streamline the work I do. I finally have an office which I love! It is my space and I have tried to make it calm but inspiring, a place I enjoy retreating to and listening to podcasts or music as I work. I also love people so communicating with artists and teachers from around the world is a joy. Even though I and the other staff at ISTA live in different countries, I feel very much part of a team – we meet virtually every Monday and I know that if I need anything, time will always be made for me.

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