The chronicle of an ISTA alumni

By Valeria Riquelme

ISTA sticks on to you, you stick on to ISTA.

It means in your past
you’ve already got
a moment – or moments –
which you can hold tight
a constant reminder
to be who you are.

The room was loud, everyone screaming and running around. An ISTA artist came in. He stood on a platform and quietly began to move his hands. We all went quiet and little by little, began to follow. The power of theatre brought us together and, without even realising, the crowd of chaotic teenagers slowly transformed into a family of creators.

I don’t remember if it was the same artist or someone else who, after the movement warm-up, encouraged us to ‘be like blu-tack: sticky, stretchy, mouldable’. He invited us to be curious and open, to grow. Little did I know that the next three days would lay down the foundations of who I am – and what I do – today.

Fast forward and I’m collaborating with a different ISTA artist to create my own one-woman show. Other artists give me feedback, refining, directing, inspiring my craft. I continue to create, led by the hand of the ISTA community. Stretching, sticking and moulding like blue-tack.

Being an ISTA alumni means having access to a community of people who, albeit their diversity, have something in common: they all have a special willingness to do. To do theatre and other creative projects. To do things that matter, things that help. It means having a world-wide community, united by the ISTA festival experience.

ISTA sticks on to you, you stick on to ISTA.

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