The chronicle of Scene

By Jo Doidge

My initial role within ISTA was to assist with the design of their journal Scene, a magazine full of articles and projects from the field of international theatre and arts education.

When I met Sal (Sally Robertson, Executive Director) for the first time 18 years ago, I could tell that she was going to be a really easygoing client. I remember the first edition of Scene that I worked on. I had to pick it up from another designer (this is a pet hate of a graphic designer) but over the years Sal has given me the artistic freedom – and trust – to design Scene, Behind the Scenes and other publications without question. More recently I had the privilege of putting together Adventures in Theatre which, at 146 pages, was probably my most challenging project.

With such a small team in the early days, Scene was quite a chaotic process; Sal was always on the go and seemed to be spinning so many plates it always felt like we got to print by the skin of our teeth. When Emmy Abrahamson took over Scene, with her came her super organisational skills and the process was much smoother. Nowadays, like a lot of resources, Scene is an online publication so I am not as involved with it, but I still maintain my relationship with ISTA which has grown and developed over the years to one of mutual respect and understanding.

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