The chronicle of the festival inspiration pack

By Simon Bell

How do we begin?

A single ingredient.
The inspiration pack

Strong in flavour,
Rich with possibilities
But a million ways to use it.

Open the pantry door

Half a tablespoon of music. A picture indelibly scorched in the mind
And we think.
One cup of short story. Words leap off the page, caught in the air as they land in our limbs,
And we move.
A quarter teaspoon of a sentence, arranged in another way, meaningless. But like this? Imprinted in time for all to remember
And, pulled by those words, we run.
One whole photograph. An ordinary moment captured. We are taken back to a similar moment
And we share.
Top with an anecdote. Laughter fills the air
And we are propelled.

The recipe is taking shape,
And we make it our own
What excites us?

A sudden, brilliant, timely idea
Ready to bake.

What will our journey be?
So many questions.
And what about those who await the feast?

We all look expectantly.
Hands reach.
Oven door is opened.

And a festival begins

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