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Acting authentically: Applying Meisner to Shakespeare (online 2)

July 15, 2020

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Acting authentically: Applying Meisner to Shakespeare (online 2) is a best fit timing for those located across the Americas and Europe.

About the workshop

Workshop description
In this workshop we will explore interactive practical ways to apply Meisner into text through the Gonsalves Method, a new innovative approach to acting and teaching theatre. The Gonsalves Method has been refined over two decades to help actors find authentic connection and create real emotion in themselves and the audience, in each moment. It is currently being used across the acting profession producing more authentic performances. Together we will focus on truthful, authentic connections, moment to moment under a given set of circumstances including direct address soliloquy and duologues.

Participants will learn a totally unique acting method during this session. The Gonsalves Method is a replicable, methodical process, that you can start applying immediately to ANY text but particularly with Shakespeare. With a series of clear takeaway exercises and games.

Learning outcomes
In this workshop, participants will:
• Learn how to activate truthful connection between actors.
• Understand and be able to see clearly and respond honestly from their characters point of view.
• Learn how to create workable playable conditions (circumstances) from the facts within a script.
• Gain an understanding of Meisner (using the Gonsalves Method’s five conditions) and Shakespeare and other texts.
• Learn how to use the text to develop a character’s objectives.

This workshop is suitable for upper middle school and high school theatre teachers. We also welcome upper high school, IB DP Theatre and university/college students to join in this learning experience.

About your workshop leader

Aileen Gonsalves
I am passionate about empowering actors to discover and express their authentic, unique selves. I’ve developed a new way of training actors: The Gonsalves Method (rooted in Meisner). A methodical, replicable approach which creates truthful, alive performances moment to moment. Building a trusting ensemble, awakening permission, inspiring risk taking and true connection.

I directed an MA acting course, taught BA acting, direct courses and do many workshops for young people internationally. I have done extensive CPD teacher training with the Royal Shakespeare Company over a decade of working across all ages. I am very used to working with other practitioners to create events, programmes and workshops.

Important information

Event coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke

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This PD&L workshop will be run online using either Google Meet or Zoom.
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Participants who complete registration and payment will receive the link to the online workshop after registration closes.

Please note: Registration for this event will close on Friday 10th July 2020.
Each July PD&L session can only accommodate a maximum of 25 participants.


The session will run for 1.5 hours.
The cost of the session is GBP £20 per person.

What to bring

Your unique selves, an open and brave heart and a willingness to play, take a risk and learn something new!

Space requirements
Whatever space is available to you.

Download & Forms

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Starts on Wednesday 15 July at 15:00
Finishes on Wednesday 15 July at 16:30


• Aileen Gonsalves