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Atlanta IB workshop - DP Theatre Category 3 - Subject Specific Seminar

February 11 - February 13, 2022

Booking Closed

Artistic information

DP Theatre – Category 3 – Subject Specific Seminar (SSS).

Workshop Goals
The new DP theatre guide will be published by the IB in February 2022 for first teaching from September 2022 (for northern hemisphere schools) and January 2023 (for southern hemisphere schools).

We will be running the ‘Subject Specific Seminar’ or ‘SSS’ workshops for the new theatre course, both as face-to-face and online experiences. These bespoke one-off workshops will provide teachers with the understandings, tools and resources needed to adapt and develop their current courses in line with the revised DP theatre guide. SSS workshops will address all the key areas regarding teaching and learning, assessment tasks, and corresponding criteria using authentic student samples to ensure that teachers understand some of the subtleties in the change of criteria wording. Participants will examine the course guide with an eye for practical implementation, be clear about the reasons behind the revisions, and to be prepared to implement the changes to their own programmes. They will collaboratively generate useful resources and appropriate activities in a manner that supports the IB mission statement, the learner profile and other core areas of the Diploma Programme.

The IB recommends that all current DP Theatre teachers attend an SSS workshop, including those teachers who have participated in the recent DP theatre pilot process.

Please note
SSS workshops are not appropriate for teachers who are new to teaching DP theatre. These teachers should look to attend training at one of our new Category 1 workshops in the summer of 2022.

Important information

School address
Atlanta International School
2890 North Fulton Drive
Georgia 30305

School website

The event starts at 9:00am on Friday 11th February 2022.
The event finishes at 3:00pm on Sunday 13th February 2022.

Event Coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke

For participants
Registration is now open.
Registration closes 28th January 2022.

For artists
The artist team will be activated 12 weeks prior to the event.
Artist travel details are due 10 weeks prior to the event.

COVID requirements
The Atlanta International School has a mask mandate and guests will be required to pass a 3-question health screening regarding Covid when they enter the campus. They will be asked:

    • Have you had any of the following symptoms: fever or chills; cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fatigue; muscle or body aches; headache; new loss of taste or smell; sore throat; congestion or runny nose; nausea or vomiting; diarrhea?
    • Have you taken any medication to reduce fever in the past 24 hours?
    • Do either of the following situations apply to you: Live in the same household with someone who has any of the above symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days? or Been advised to SELF-quarantine because of exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these participants/artists will not be allowed to enter the campus.

*Please note that these requirements are subject to change with the fluid situation surrounding COVID-19.


Registration fees
ISTA members – GBP £750.
Non ISTA members – GBP £800.

ISTA t-shirt – GBP £12.

Total cost per participant
ISTA members – GBP £762.
Non ISTA members – GBP £812.

Please note
Fees include lunches and tea/coffee breaks daily.
Any bookings or amendments taken in the six weeks prior to the workshop will incur an additional GBP £50 late booking/amendment surcharge, subject to availability.
Late registrants will not be able to order a t-shirt.

Travel and visas

For participants
Participants are advised to arrive into Atlanta by evening on Thursday 10th February 2022 and should not plan to leave AIS until after the last session finishes at 3:00pm on Sunday 13th February 2022. Early departures should be avoided, but if incurred will mean ISTA can only issue a certificate of partial attendance.
Please ensure you have the correct visa to enter the United States of America.

For artists
All artists should plan to fly into Atlanta by evening on Thursday 10th February 2022 and should not plan to leave AIS until 30 minutes after the close of the final session (for the artist Standing ovation session).
Please ensure you have the correct visa to enter the United States of America.


For participants
Participants are responsible for booking their own accommodation for the duration of the event. The event coordinator listed in the ‘Important information’ above may be able to make a recommendation based on information from the host school. Regardless, ISTA advises booking a hotel close to the school.

For artists
ISTA will book single room accommodation for the nights of 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th February 2022.


For participants
Lunches are provided daily along with tea/coffee breaks; breakfast and evening meals are not included.

For artists
All meals for the duration of the event are provided by ISTA.


Download the schedule here:  Atlanta IB workshop SSS_Schedule

  • Please note that on Day 1 the workshop will take place off campus (a short 10 minute walk away) at the following address:

Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church
2715 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

  • The church is easy to find, parking available for those driving and most of the hotels will be able to shuttle participants there. Please enquire directly with your hotel regarding this service.
  • The church will be open from 8:00am onwards on Day 1.
  • Day 2 and 3 will take place at the AIS campus.


What to bring

Please have the following prepared for the workshop:

Resources for personal use

  • A current two year overview of your course
  • Hard or digital copy of a play you use currently for exploring texts (not a play that students have chosen at the end, but one which is used for exploration in class), which you think makes a good text for teaching and learning about staging text
  • Laptop/tablet
  • Phone (for filming)
  • Hard copy of the new Theatre Guide

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Friday 11 February at 09:00
Finishes on Sunday 13 February at 15:00
(EST - Eastern Standard Time)


Atlanta International School
2890 North Fulton Drive
Atlanta, Georgia
United States of America

Visit the website


• Carol Griffitts
• Casey Garritano
• Chloe Keller
• Courtney Kissling
• Ethan Roberts
• James Peebles
• Jesse Stripling
• Maggie Cassidy
• Matt Ringrose
• Michael Murry
• Michelle Robbins
• Mike Panasuk
• Mira Hirsch
• Ruth Farrimond Raborn
• Tana Walker
• Timothy Coleman
• Timothy John Kittappa