ISTA present...

Belgrade HS

September 21 - September 24, 2017

Sold Out

Scribbled, scratched or painted – Belgrade’s rich culture of graffiti will inspire our young theatre makers.


Physical graffiti

Starting Point

A wall is where contemporary communication happens. Today our marks are left on digital walls, on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. There is however one dimension lacking in all these digital walls – physical space. Art on the streets of cities throughout the world is imbued with tones of subversive provocation, it is both vilified and commercialised. Belgrade has a unique history of this sub-culture going back decades and today its communities experience this art alongside the visible scars of the past. This festival will take this counter culture as inspiration to physically realise the messages on the streets.

Out & About

A walking tour of the graffiti and street art of Belgrade.

ISTA Event Coordinator

Tom Scott


International School of Belgrade
Banjičkih Žrtava 6
11040 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 206-9999

Important Information

The festival starts at 4:00pm on Thursday 21st September 2017 and finishes at 12:30pm on Sunday 24th September 2017.

Visiting schools
Registration opens 10th August 2017.
Registration closes 24th August 2017.
Please note:
The registration window for this festival is later than normal due to the summer holidays. If schools have problems with these dates please email your EC.
We advise that you have your group confirmed and all information collected prior to 10th August 2017.
Travel information will be required as part of the registration process this year. Please have travel details confirmed by the time the registration window closes.
All schools will need to be at the International School of Belgrade in time for a 4:00pm start on Thursday 21st September 2017 and may leave the school after the close at 12:30pm on Sunday 24th September 2017. Please arrange international travel accordingly.

ISTA artists
ISTA artists will need to arrive on Wednesday 20th September 2017 in time for an evening meal and may leave the school on Sunday after 1:00pm. Please arrange flights accordingly.
The ISTA Rep will arrive into Belgrade by Tuesday evening 19th September 2017 to spend Wednesday in school with the host.
Artist travel information is required by 24th August 2017.


Registration fees
£206.00 per student – member schools.
£186.60 per student – Global Patron schools.
Please note:
Registration fees include the cost of an ISTA t-shirt.
The host school will not be given a discount on registration fees for this festival.

£10.00 airport transfers.
£10.00 out and about.

Total per student
£226.00 members, £206.60 Global Patrons, £216.00 host.

£28.00 – visiting member schools.
£97.00 – visiting non-member schools.
£10.00 airport transfers.
£10.00 out and about.
£12.00 ISTA t-shirt (optional).

Total per teacher/chaperone
£60.00 members, £129.00 non-members.

Please note:
1. A £500.00 non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit will be invoiced upon booking.
2. A £500.00 cancellation fee will be invoiced to any school cancelling within 12 weeks from the start of the festival, in addition to the deposit withheld.
3. A £150.00 late registration fee per school booking will be invoiced to schools if the registrations are received after the registration window has closed.
4. All invoices are payable within 28 days of receipt. If not, places cannot be guaranteed at the festival.

Travel & Visas

All participants will fly into Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.
The journey from the airport to the school takes approximately 30-45 minutes.
Visiting schools
All schools are responsible for booking their own travel and visas for the festival.
All schools will be collected by private transport and taken to the school on arrival; transport will also be provided at the end of the festival.
ISTA artists
ISTA artists are responsible for booking their own flights to the festival and this year will use our new travel agency for this. Artist teams will be activated 12 weeks prior to the festival and your EC will talk you through the new process for booking flights at the time of activation.
Artists are also responsible for ensuring they have the necessary visa to enter Serbia.


All teachers/chaperones and ISTA artists will stay at the following hotel
Radisson Blu Old Mill Belgrade
Vojvode Misica Boulevard
15 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 6 357 357
The hotel has free WiFi.
The room rate is 65 Euros per person per night, including breakfast.
The journey from the hotel to the school is approximately 10 minutes by car/bus.
Daily transport for teachers/chaperones and ISTA artists will be provided.

Visiting schools
Visiting schools will be responsible for paying for rooms upon arrival. We can make provision for schools to pay hotel bills ahead of time.
Visiting teachers/chaperones will be booked into the hotel for the nights of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd September 2017.
Visiting students
Students will stay with host families.
There will be no charge for accommodation.
Housing will be offered for three nights from the 21st February 2017.
ISTA artists
ISTA will book and pay for single room accommodation for the nights of the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd September 2017.
The Rep will be booked in for an additional night (19th).
Artists will be responsible for any miscellaneous costs during their stay at the hotel.


Visiting schools
Breakfast – for visiting teachers at the hotel, for visiting students with host families.
Lunches daily provided by the host school (does not include Sunday).
Dinner – 2 evening meals provided; 3rd evening meal is the social meal for visiting teachers and will be taken with host families for students.

All meals will be provided by the host school.

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Thursday 21 September at 16:00
Finishes on Sunday 24 September at 12:30


International School of Belgrade
Banjičkih Žrtava 6
11040 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 206-9999


• American International School of Bucharest
• British School of Bucharest
• International School of Belgrade
• Wiesbaden High School