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Brussels Studio - Mapping the adventure of Middle School Theatre

September 14 - September 15, 2019

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Mapping the adventure of Middle School Theatre: A guide to developing an international middle school theatre curriculum.


Workshop description

This step by step guide takes the teacher through the stages of building an authentic, creative and engaging 21st century middle school theatre programme. Using ISTA’s ensemble approach and pedagogy.


Target audience

Middle school theatre teachers from any programme or anyone interested in using theatre in their classroom.


Learning outcomes

To develop curriculum planning skills.
To understand the components of an international MS theatre course.
To examine the ensemble method and the role this plays in an international MS theatre programme.
To examine ISTA pedagogy and how this can be used to enhance an international MS theatre programme.
To examine the different roles theatre plays in an international school curriculum.
To consider the role MS theatre can play in the wider community.
To develop strategies for reflection and for the recording of process.
To develop authentic assessment tasks and criteria.
To become part of a network of MS theatre teachers and to share ideas and resources with other teachers.


How this workshop aids curriculum delivery

Curriculum planning aligned with and bespoke to school’s mission, values and community.
New pedagogical approaches to teaching theatre.
Making a programme authentically international.
Considering the role MS theatre can play in the wider community with connections to service learning.
Considering the development of creativity.
Exercises and approaches to reflection and recording the learning process.
Designing authentic assessment tasks.
Becoming part of an international network of MS Theatre teachers from around the world.


Session outline

#1: Introductions: developing an international MS course, ensemble and the ISTA pedagogy
This session examines the building blocks of an international middle school theatre curriculum and the role of the ensemble approach.
#2: Reflection, assessment for learning and capturing development
This session introduces strategies for creative reflection, ways of capturing process and approaches to developing authentic assessment tasks.
#3: Theatre as a tool of investigation: learning and teaching through theatre
This session introduces drama-in-education exercises and activities as well as practical approaches to using theatre as an investigative, cross-curricular tool to examine the world and develop conceptual understandings.
#4: Theatre making: creating original theatre with middle
school students
This session examines the development theatre making skills
with particular emphasis on originally created material that can
be used as a school production or in school gatherings such as
#5: Theatre studies: learning and teaching about theatre
This session examines the teaching of theatre as an art form as well as how to introduce styles, genres, traditions and practices from around the world into your course.
#6: Applied theatre: Theatre beyond the auditorium
This session looks at how theatre can be used in school and community settings as part of service learning or to raise consciousness of particular issues. This will also look at student voice and empowerment and how theatre can be used as a consultative tool.
#7: Approaches to planning a 5 year course and resource share
This session helps the teacher to consider their programme and how it can be developed or enhanced. Teachers share resources, approaches and activities.


About your workshop leader

Dinos Aristidou works as a curriculum consultant and teacher trainer for a variety of organisations helping teachers develop curriculum in a variety of settings and contexts. He is editor of ISTA’s forthcoming new book ‘The ISTA Method’ where he writes about curriculum design. He is a teacher trainer for InThinking and for IB Diploma Theatre. He is currently working with the IB as curriculum manager of the MYP review of the arts. He has worked extensively on the role of reflection at Middle and High School level and his ReflectiON cards are used by teachers around the world. As a dramaturg at the Mayflower Theatre Southampton and mentor to artists and teachers, he empowers participants to develop their ideas and programmes offering easy to use, effective strategies.


ISTA event coordinator

Helen Abbott



International School of Brussels
Kattenberg 19
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort


Important information

The workshop begins at 9:00am on 14th September 2019.
The workshop finishes at 3:00pm on 15th September 2019.

Registration has now closed. If you are interested in attending, please contact the event coordinator.

Please note:
Places are limited, so please register early.

Participants should plan to attend the workshop in its entirety.
If travelling from outside the host city, please organise travel accordingly.



Registration fees
Teachers from member schools – GBP £350
Teachers from non-member schools – GBP £385

ISTA artists – GBP £315

Please note
Registration fees include lunches and tea/coffee breaks daily.


Travel and visas

Teachers attending will be responsible for organising their own travel, ensuring they can attend the Studio in full.

ISTA artists
Your event coordinator will confirm final travel plans/dates with you.
Artist travel plans are due by 2nd August 2019.
ISTA artists are responsible for booking their own flights to Brussels and will use our travel agency for this. Workshop leaders will be activated 12 weeks prior to the Studio and your EC will talk you through the process for booking flights at the time of activation.
Artists are also responsible for ensuring they have the necessary visa to enter Belgium.


Accommodation and meals

Accommodation for participants
ISB suggest the following hotel for visiting teachers. It is a 25 minute walk from the school or 7 minutes by taxi. Teachers are asked to make their own booking.
Teachers attending from Brussels will travel daily.

Au Repos des Chasseurs
Avenue Charle-Albert, 11
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort,

Single room: EUR €115 per night, breakfast and wifi included
Double room: EUR €145 per night, breakfast and wifi included

Meals for participants
For teachers travelling daily:
Breakfast will not be provided, lunch and tea/coffee breaks are included in your registration fees.
Dinners are not included.

For teachers travelling from overseas:
Same as above; breakfasts will be taken at the hotel.

Accommodation for ISTA artists:
ISTA will book single room accommodation for the nights of the workshop.

Meals for ISTA artists:
ISTA will cover all meals for the duration of the workshop.


Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Saturday 14 September at 09:00
Finishes on Sunday 15 September at 15:00


International School of Brussels
Kattenberg 19
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

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• Dinos Aristidou