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Creative approaches to teaching Shakespeare with Juliette O’Brien (online 1 evening Asia)

March 25, 2021

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This event takes place at 11:00am-12:30pm (UK time).

While scheduled, primarily, as an evening workshop for teachers in Asia, Theatre and English teachers globally are invited to attend.

About the workshop

Creative approaches to teaching Shakespeare

This workshop is designed for both Theatre and English teachers interested in exploring successful strategies to bring Shakespeare alive in the classroom. Please see more details and discount information (!) under Important information.

Workshop description
This workshop will offer a number of lively and active approaches to working with Shakespearean text. It will provide ideas for bringing text to life on stage and creative ways to access and enrich appreciation of themes, characters, language and style.

Learning outcomes
Participants will:
– explore physical approaches to extracts of Shakespearean texts that can be used in the classroom and adapted for online teaching;
– explore improvisational techniques to enrich understanding of texts;
– explore vocal and physical exercises to access Shakespeare’s language and style.

How this workshop will benefit teachers in their curriculum delivery
This workshop will provide Theatre and English teachers with a practical toolkit for exploring and staging Shakespearean theatre. It will provide strategies for accessing and enriching students’ understanding and ownership of his texts as works of both literature and theatre.

Target audience
MS and HS Theatre and English teachers

About your workshop leader

Juliette O’Brien
I am a theatre and English teacher with over 15 years’ experience. I have a Masters in Theatre and Performance Studies and a PhD in Dance and am studying for a Certificate in Dance in Education. I have studied many dance and theatre styles and musicalities from many different cultures.

I am interested in weaving together my knowledge of music, movement, dance, literature and theatre, and I love experimenting with how these elements can interplay to create enhanced, alternative and layered meanings.

I love working with Shakespeare in both English and theatre classes, finding numerous creative ways to approach and respond to the texts. I have helped English teachers find exciting ways to bring Shakespeare’s texts to life and helped drama teachers enable their students to access what can be challenging texts. I have a passion for both Shakespeare and practical theatre and bringing these two together is something that I’d love to share!

Important information

Help us spread the word!
Following the success of our monthly virtual PD&L workshops (attendance, engagement, professional calibre and unique methodology – not to mention impact!) we are now offering PD&L workshops to a wider audience of teachers. This workshop is aimed at both Theatre and English teachers looking for successful strategies to bring Shakespeare’s texts alive in the classroom. We would be so grateful if all ISTA teachers planning to sign up for this workshop can share the details with colleagues in your English department. And, in doing so, we are delighted to offer a 20% discount to you if you can ‘bring a colleague’ (or 2!).

Event coordinator
Sophie Galton

The workshop will take place using the platform Zoom.
Places are limited to 20 participants per workshop.
You will receive a link to the Zoom call the day before the workshop.


The cost of the session is GBP £30 per person.

What to bring

Any materials shared with you prior to the workshop, such as the workbook. Plus anything requested by the workshop leader which will be shared with you a few days prior to the workshop.

Space requirements
If possible, please try to have a small amount of space near to you for any practical work.

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Thursday 25 March at 11:00
Finishes on Thursday 25 March at 12:30


• Bong Cabrera
• Daniel Pearton
• Drew Wilson
• Jamie Squire
• Jason Chan
• Kirstie Davis
• Laurence De Olivera
• Nick Pillow
• Sherina Motwani
• Tracey Nieberding
• Yuliya Stelmashonok