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Discover DP Theatre

November 19 - May 31, 2022

Please note that Discover DP theatre is available to book from 19th November 2020 – 31st May 2022.
Once you have booked you will be contacted by an Event Coordinator who will work with you to secure the dates for your event to take place.

Artistic information

Discover DP Theatre goals
This ISTA experience comprises a series of fun, engaging activities that are rooted in the essence of the DP Theatre course and IB philosophy. They will give your students a taste of what it’s like to study DP Theatre and explore the kind of life skills that prepare young people for independent study at university and creative and collaborative skills that make them stand out for future employment. In short, students will leave the workshop understanding exactly why they should take DP Theatre!

Content/sessions overview
Discover DP Theatre consists of a combination of slideshows and activities which will be sent to you by your ISTA artist to work through on your own with your students and ‘live’ interactive workshops led by the ISTA artist through a virtual platform. Each slide show contains video, audio and content material as well as 90 minutes of activities. The interactive sessions led by the ISTA artist will focus on presentational material developed by the students along with further content, activities and opportunities for reflection.

Session #1 – Interactive online workshop
Introduction to the experience, foundations of the IB DP Theatre course and connections to the wider world.

Session #2 – Interactive online workshop
Collaboration – a focus on creating

Sessions #3 and # 4 – Slideshow followed by interactive online workshop
Creativity – a focus on directing, spectating and designing

Sessions #5 and #6 – Slideshow followed by interactive online workshop
Curiosity – a focus on performing

Learning outcomes
Students will:

  • Be introduced to some of the fundamental concepts of the IB and DP Theatre programme.
  • Understand the skills gained from taking DP Theatre.
  • Understand the value of studying Theatre at Diploma level.
  • Build creativity, collaboration and curiosity skills.
  • Have fun!

Target audience
Pre IB students
Aged 14 – 16 years

Why is this workshop of value to students?
Google recently analysed their workforce and hiring process to find out the skills that were most important to them when hiring new employees. Rather than skills in STEM subjects or having gone to an elite science based university, what came out top of the list were interpersonal skills – communication, social awareness, empathy, problem solving, the ability to connect complex ideas. When we look at the fundamental principles of the IB and the content of the DP Theatre course, we realise that it is a qualification that is setting students up for future success like no other. It develops all of these desirable skills like no other subject. In this course we will practically examine how students would use these critical life skills in DP Theatre, giving them a clear understanding of the value of the course.

Important information

Once booked, we will ask you to create your own schedule. This will consist of 6 ‘slots’ lasting 90 minutes each. This can be organised as an immersive/intensive experience over several days/weekend OR can take place as part of class time lasting several weeks.

Upon receiving the schedule information you will have one week to complete your bespoke schedule for your students.

We also ask that you allow 3 weeks from the time of completing your schedule to the time when your online course begins. This will enable us to secure your ISTA artist.

Please see the downloads section below for further details; we have created two sample schedules to give you an idea of what the Discover DP experience could look like. A more immersive experience taking place over a weekend; as well as one which takes place primarily in class time over a period of weeks.

Event coordinator
Once you have booked we will allocate you an event coordinator who will work with you to set up the Discover DP Theatre virtual experience.

School circumstances and COViD-19
The Discover DP Theatre experience can work for all schools whether you are:
Still teaching onlin with students working from home.
Operating on a blended model.
Back in school in a socially distanced classroom.
Back in school as normal.


This experience is designed for pre IB classes. As such we envisage will be taken by larger groups of students. Teachers can sign up one class for example, or could combine classes. Either way we are expecting approx 20 students to take part per school, per booking.

As such we have set registration fees of GBP £1,250 for ISTA member schools and GBP £1,375 for non member schools.

(For a sign up of 20 students this works out at approx. GBP £62 per student for member schools and GBP £69 for non member schools).

If you have more than 20 students who wish to take part, please let us know and we’ll discuss options with you.

Upon receipt of your booking form you will be invoiced for the total amount and this will be due within 14 days.

Whether schools chose to cover this cost or whether you decide to divide the total cost by the number of students participating is up to you.


We realise this is a new offer from ISTA and that you may well have questions before you consider booking. If this is the case please don’t hesitate to email or and we’ll respond straight away!

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Thursday 19 November at 09:00
Finishes on Tuesday 31 May at 17:00
(BST - British Summer Time)


• ACS International Singapore
• Dresden International School
• St Johns International School ASBL