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Europe/Asia Virtual IB training - DP Theatre Category 1 & 2

November 17 - November 19, 2023

Booking Closed

This event is scheduled in CET time but participants in Asia Pacific are welcome.
Please note that while scheduled primarily for teachers in Europe & Asia, teachers globally are invited to attend. Please check your time zones before booking.

About the workshop

Workshop goals

Category 1
The Cat 1 DP Theatre workshop is designed to prepare participants to teach DP theatre in a manner that supports the IB mission statement and philosophy.

This workshop is recommended for teachers of IB DP Theatre from schools that are applying to offer the Diploma programme, or new/ recently appointed Theatre teachers from IB World Schools. They also provide professional development and assistance for educators in schools that have decided to or are considering, applying for IB authorisation. Educators who are new to a school with an existing IB programme or are interested in joining an IB school are also eligible. No previous knowledge is required.

Target audience
This workshop is recommended for teachers of Theatre from schools which have taken the decision to apply to offer the Diploma programme or new or recently appointed Theatre teachers from IB World Schools.

Category 2
This workshop is designed to provide a forum for experienced DP theatre teachers to focus on ways to develop programme delivery, assessment, teaching and learning.

This workshop is for experienced Theatre teachers from IB World Schools. Teachers must have either attended a previous Category 1 workshop in Theatre OR have been teaching DP Theatre for a number of years. The overall purpose of workshops in this category is to provide a forum for experienced IB educators to focus on assessment and programme delivery.

Target audience

All teachers of the NEW DP Theatre course beginning in 2022 for cohorts graduating in May/November 2024.

Diploma Programme (DP) Theatre teachers who have prepared students for at least one DP exam session in Theatre.

Specialist workshop
All participants will take part in one virtual specialist workshop.

Title: Suzuki
Specialist workshop leader: Shane Anthony Jones
Description: A specialist workshop on the Suzuki Method of Actor Training, a rigorous physical discipline drawn from such diverse influences as ballet, traditional Japanese and Greek theatre, and martial arts.

Participants are no longer required to view a theatre performance as part of this workshop.

Unsure about which Category is the best fit for you? Check out our Guide to selecting your best fit Category here.

About your workshop leaders

Category 1 – Steve Reynolds

Steve has been a teacher of Theatre for 37 years in England, Tanzania and Hong Kong. He is currently a teacher of IB Theatre, TOK and vice principal (Director) at the United World College in Hong Kong. He is an IB workshop leader in Theatre, CAS, TOK and Literature & Performance. Steve leads psychodrama therapy groups with particular experience with teenagers and refugees.


Category 2 – Catherine Rankin

Catherine Rankin been involved in teaching Drama/Theatre for over 30 years. She has taught Australia, Europe and Asia and has had a strong connection with the IB since 2005. She has been a Team leader, IB Theatre curriculum team member and IB MYP moderator. As well as currently being an educator who works with Middle and high school students, Catherine is an ISTA artist, IB examiner and an online facilitator for IB Theatre course. Now pandemic restrictions have eased a bit in the Philippines, she is learning what is needed to be a soccer mum.


Specialist workshop leader – Shane Anthony Jones

Shane is a theatre director, dramaturg, and movement director who is passionate about stories of relevance and heart and believes that storytelling is an essential ritual within our community to make sense of, cherish and challenge the world around us. He is excited by art that provokes discussion around important social issues and has a fierce interest in interrogating stories of community, legacy, and injustice. He strives to highlight moments of hope and beauty in the most challenging scenarios. In recent years, his practice has grown to encompass the creation of new verbatim theatre, making bold work that speaks to contemporary Australian experiences and working closely with the community in the development and presentation of these works.


Important information

Event Manager
Keriann O’Rourke

For participants
Registration is now open.
Registration will close on 14th November 2023.

Workshop timings
This is a virtual workshop.
Sessions will take place for 5 hours per day on the 3 days of the workshop.
All sessions will take place on Zoom and will be synchronous, interactive and collaborative in approach.
ISTA will provide the links and passwords to all participants shortly before the workshop.

Sessions will take place at the following times (CET time):
17th November 2023: 8:00am – 1:00pm (3:00 – 8:00pm Singapore time) (5 hours)
18th November 2023: 8:00am – 1:00pm (3:00 – 8:00pm Singapore time) (5 hours)
19th November 2023: 8:00am – 1:00pm (3:00 – 8:00pm Singapore time) (5 hours)


Registration fees
ISTA Members – GBP £600
Non ISTA Members – GBP £650

Please note
Once booked and invoiced the registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable as per event terms and conditions.

What to bring

What to bring
Current DP Theatre Course Guide (ask your IB coordinator to provide if you do not have it).
Any materials shared with you prior to the workshop such as the workbook.
A notebook and pencil are always useful.

Please have a quiet space to work in and enough room to move about freely.

Please read through the Guide prior to the workshop.

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Friday 17 November at 08:00
Finishes on Sunday 19 November at 13:00
(CET - Central European Time)


• Aditi Chordiya
• Alicia Calderon Fort
• Chris Bird
• Christian Garretson
• Christine Probst -Staffen
• Claire Cockle
• Dani Marais
• Eleftheria Drakoulidou
• Faye Magee
• Jess Harrison
• Kate Leahy
• Leon Bennetts
• Maíra Kestenberg
• Matthew Trearty
• rosie townsend
• Setenay Agrali
• Stephen Ralph
• Tiara Mia