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Festivals providing disruptions from, as well as connections to, the school's overt and hidden curricula with Corin James (TTT online 1 evening Asia)

November 19, 2020

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Together towards tomorrow (TTT) sessions are free and open to everyone to attend. They are monthly online connection conversations where people can meet, reconnect and learn together as well as help us shape the future of ISTA.

This event takes place at 11:00am-12:00pm [UK time].

While scheduled, primarily, as an evening meeting for those located in Asia, interested participants globally are invited to attend.

About this session

Festivals providing disruptions from, as well as connections to, the school’s overt and hidden curricula

Workshop description
Increasingly our educational narrative is focussed on the value of ‘disruptions’ from classroom schedules. Corin James (Dulwich College, Singapore) will lead this conversation exploring the importance of disruptions as well as ways in which we can explore a closer connection between the festival experience and our curricular work.

Target audience

About your workshop leader

Born in Australia and raised in the United Kingdom, I have been teaching drama and English since 1999—three years in a state comprehensive in England then Thailand (six years), Beijing (five years) and Hong Kong (three years). I now work at Dulwich College (Singapore).

My passion for drama and theatre has developed and grown over the years. I love the way each experience is different—the way the students’ responses to a given theme or text or skill repeatedly confound your expectations and the way drama provides a forum where students’ ideas are genuinely valued.

I accompanied students to my first ISTA festival in 2004. Since then I have taken students to a wide range of HS and MS festivals, have worked as a Rep at MS, HS and TaPS events and have been involved in hosting numerous times – either as host teacher or in a supporting role.

Important information

Event coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke

Registration closes on Wednesday 18th November 2020.
The session will take place using the platform Zoom.
You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting the day before the workshop after registration closes.


This session is free.

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Starts on Thursday 19 November at 11:00
Finishes on Thursday 19 November at 12:00


• Angela David
• Claudia Kennedy
• Csilla Szabo
• Dyane Stillman
• Emmy Abrahamson
• Jo Parish
• Joy Daley
• Juliette O’Brien
• Kayla Cayabyab
• Meghna Gandhi
• Ruth Ann Rozario
• Zoe Bell