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Hong Kong IB workshop - DP Film Category 1, 2 & 3 (Practical Film Production)

November 15 - November 17, 2024

Please note that this workshop will take place at an International School in Hong Kong. We will update details of the venue as soon as the information is available. Thank you for your patience.

About the IB workshop

Workshop goals
Category 1 Workshop for DP Film Educators
ISTA’s Category 1 DP Film workshop is meticulously designed to equip participants with the core skills required to teach DP Film in a manner that is both engaging and in alignment with the IB’s core values and educational philosophy.

Hosted by ISTA – Global Learning Through the Arts and accredited by the IB, this foundational workshop is ideal for educators who are either at schools in the process of applying to offer the Diploma Programme or those who are new or have recently joined the Film teaching team at existing IB World Schools. The workshop also serves as an essential professional development opportunity for teachers at institutions that are considering or initiating the IB’s authorization process. Additionally, educators transitioning to a school with an established IB programme or aspiring to be part of an IB school will find this workshop invaluable. No prior experience with the IB curriculum is necessary to participate.

Target audience
This workshop is specifically tailored for Film teachers from schools that are either applying to offer the Diploma Programme or those who are in the early stages of their tenure as Film educators at IB World Schools.

Category 2 Workshop for DP Film Educators
ISTA’s Category 2 workshop is expertly designed for educators with a background in teaching DP Film and provides a dynamic, practical, and creatively stimulating learning environment.

Hosted by ISTA – Global Learning Through the Arts and accredited by the IB, this hands-on workshop is aimed at enriching your pedagogical practice in DP Film. It encompasses an in-depth exploration of the film course’s expectations and the array of possibilities it offers. Participants will delve into a broad spectrum of essential topics, including the intricacies of running the four core assessment tasks and the development of an active, student-centred classroom atmosphere that leverages innovative film teaching strategies.

Eligibility for this workshop requires participants to have completed the foundational Category 1 workshop in Film or to possess several years of experience teaching the DP Film curriculum. Category 2 workshops serve as an interactive platform for experienced IB educators to collaborate, discuss, and refine their approaches to both assessment and effective course implementation.

Target audience
This workshop is specifically aimed at educators who are actively teaching the DP Film course and is especially beneficial for those who have successfully led students through at least one complete DP Film assessment cycle.

Category 3 Workshop for Advanced Professional Development
ISTA’s Category 3 workshop is designed as a sophisticated platform for seasoned educators looking to expand their professional development repertoire. It offers participants an opportunity to delve deeply into specialised topics, honing their areas of interest and refining their expertise.

This advanced workshop encourages in-depth exploration and critical analysis, allowing educators to immerse themselves in the nuances of their chosen subjects. It’s an environment conducive to the exchange of high-level ideas and practices, aimed at further elevating teaching and learning experiences.

Specialist workshop
All participants will take part in one specialist workshop.

At ISTA, we offer specialist workshops as part of all our IB DP Film Workshops. Our specialist workshop sessions aim to give participants a thorough insight into a specific aspect of film, enhancing their understanding and skills in a more concentrated manner. They aim to equip our IB DP Film teacher participants with new skills and knowledge that broaden their existing toolkit. By concentrating on a specific aspect of film practice, we introduce participants to the core of the field, igniting inspiration for further exploration and application in their teaching or creative work. Our sessions are designed to stimulate creative thinking and offer new approaches to film that participants can bring back to their classrooms or practice.

Title: TBC
Specialist workshop leader: TBC
Description: TBC

All participants will view one film (at a cinema/movie house) as part of the workshop.

About your IB workshop leader


Important information


Event Manager
Helen Abbott

For participants
Registration is now open.
Registration will close on 1 November 2024

Workshop timings
The workshop begins at 9:00am on Friday 15 November 2024 and finishes at 3:00pm on Sunday 17 November 2024.

Please note
It is a requirement of the IBO that participants attend all sessions on all days to receive a certificate.
Participants with unavoidable conflicts must contact the Event Manager before the workshop begins.

Financial information

Registration fees
ISTA Members – GBP £840
Non ISTA Members – GBP £895
T-Shirt – GBP £20 (optional)

Total cost per participant
ISTA Members – GBP £860 (with t-shirt)
Non ISTA Members – GBP £915 (with t-shirt)

Please note
Fees include lunches and tea/coffee breaks daily and a ticket for one film showing.
Any bookings or amendments taken in the six weeks prior to the workshop will incur an additional GBP £50 late booking/amendment surcharge, subject to availability.
Once booked and invoiced the registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable as per event terms and conditions.
Late registrants will not be able to order a t-shirt.

Travel & visas

Participants are advised to arrive in Hong Kong on the evening of Thursday 14 November 2024 and should not plan to leave the school until after the close of the last session at 3:00pm on Sunday 17 November 2024.

Please note
It is a requirement of the IBO to attend all sessions on all days to receive a certificate.
Late arrivals and early departures will result in the participant not receiving a certificate for the workshop. Please plan travel accordingly.
Participants with unavoidable conflicts must contact the Event Manager before the workshop begins
Please ensure you have the correct visa to enter Hong Kong
Participants are responsible for getting to and from the venue and cinema/movie house during the event.

Nearest airports/train stations
Hong Kong International Airport

Accommodation & meals

Participants will be asked to book and pay for their own hotel accommodation. We advise you choose accommodation close to the school.

Lunches and tea/coffee breaks are provided.

What to bring

Current DP Film Course Guide (ask your IB coordinator to provide if you do not have it) .
Laptop, editing software and a recording device (all charging cables must be compatible with 230V and UK Type outlets)
Any materials shared with you prior to the workshop such as the workbook.
A notebook and pencil are always useful.

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Friday 15 November at 09:00
Finishes on Sunday 17 November at 15:00
(Local Time)