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Hong Kong Twilight - A practical exploration of the director’s craft

February 13 - February 13, 2020

Artistic information

A practical exploration of the director’s craft

The Twilight workshop will be a practical investigation into the Director’s Notebook. It will provide a deeper understanding of the director’s craft, the winding path from first thoughts about a play to specific moments of stage action. In summary, the journey from intention to impact.
The command terms in each criterion will be examined through practical exercises. How do we move from a description of the director’s vision to an explanation of it? It is important, for example, to define and differentiate between research into theoretical and cultural contexts and research into ideas. We will engage with the appropriate language and imagery to explain why a particular play is written in a particular place at a particular time. And wrapped in all of this are conundrums of subject and context, and of the creative search for moments of theatre that transform pulsing ideas into dynamic action.
The practicalities of the Twilight workshop will lead us into discussion of a seminal Director’s Notebook acronym: TEAM (Tension, Emotion, Atmosphere and Meaning). We will think about how directors of live theatre experiences are able to engineer and energise the staging of specific TEAM moments, blending production (set/costume/lights/sound) and performance elements. We will dissect how director’s synthesise, combine, differentiate, (dis)order the different elements of production and performance to achieve the desired impact.

Learning outcomes
Participants will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of the Director’s Notebook component of the DP Theatre course; armed with a new tool box full of ideas to enrich the learning and teaching in this core component.

Target audience
Students and teachers of the IB DP Theatre course.

About your workshop leader
Moira Arthurs
Moira is a Senior Examiner with the IB and a Team Leader for the Director’s Notebook. Her early career was in Britain. Memorable opportunities were working as a director at the Oxford School of Drama, directing Peter Moffat’s first play Katherine and Youth Theatre Director for the Royal Court, London. She continued her career in Hong Kong teaching at Sha Tin College and then at Edith Cowan University, Perth, in Western Australia. Her passion is directing, be it a classic or devised piece. Moira is obsessed with seeing as much theatre in as many different countries as possible. There is always something new to discover. Since 2000 Moira has had an association with ISTA working as an artistic director, ensemble leader, Rep and at many TaPS around the world. It is a vital part of her professional life and keeps her in touch with the possibilities of theatre and its power to transform lives. Moira runs an Airbnb in Perth, Western Australia and one of her favourite things is to walk on the beach or in the Australian bush and think of all the plays she would like to direct!

Important information

School address
Creative Secondary School
3 Pung Loi Rd, Tseung Kwan O
Sai Kung
NT, Hong Kong

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The event starts at 4:30pm on Tuesday 13th February 2020.
The event finishes at 7:30pm on Tuesday 13th February 2020.

Event coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke


For participants
Registration fees
The fee for this twilight workshop is GBP £40 per person.

Travel and visas

For participants
All participants are responsible for organising their own transport to CSS.


For participants
There is no accommodation required for this workshop.

For artists
Please contact your EC for details.


For participants
No meals are provided as part of this workshop. Refreshments will be provided on arrival at CSS.

For artists
Please contact your EC for details.

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Starts on Thursday 13 February at 16:30
Finishes on Thursday 13 February at 19:30 .


Creative Secondary School
3 Pung Loi Rd, Tseung Kwan O
Sai Kung
NT, Hong Kong


• Adam Walker
• Alexandra Campion
• Andrew Stevenson
• Hannah Costello
• Hermonie Tang
• Kaya Zamil
• Kristen Pearson
• Robert Scheer
• Sian Lewis
• Tiffany Lo
• Vanessa Noble


• Moira Arthurs