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How to inspire positive action and change: diversity, equity and inclusion with Malina Patel (Facebook Live)

March 18, 2021

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Together towards tomorrow (TTT) sessions are free and open to everyone to attend. They are monthly online connection conversations where people can meet, reconnect and learn together as well as help us shape the future of ISTA.

Please invite a non theatre colleague to join us for this conversation. All member teachers who do this will be offered a 20% discount on their next booking for one of our PD&L workshops!

This event takes place at 12:00-1:00pm [UK time].

While scheduled, primarily, as an evening session for teachers in Asia, theatre teachers globally are invited to attend.

About the workshop

How to inspire positive action and change; diversity, equity and inclusion

Workshop description
Following on from the conversations that took place in the summer (through our DE&I discussions), we wanted to ensure continued momentum. While the world continues to struggle with challenges around issues of race and identity we believe we have an essential role as educators to help bring about change.
We appreciate we don’t have all the answers but we’d love the opportunity to continue this conversation and help make progress together.

Target audience

About your workshop leader

Malina Patel
I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but have been lucky to have lived in Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Ukraine and India, working as a drama teacher while exploring new places and fascinating cultures. I completed a BFA in Acting and a B.Ed in Drama and English, and then worked as a professional stage manager for various Canadian theatre companies before my international adventures began.

I have been an IB DP Theatre teacher and examiner for many years but as an artist I see myself as a writer, director, performer, teacher, learner and social justice advocate. Theatre allows me to explore and experiment in all of these roles.

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Event Coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke

The session will take place on ISTA’s Facebook page through Facebook Live.

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This session is free.

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Starts on Thursday 18 March at 12:00
Finishes on Thursday 18 March at 13:00


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