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How to teach the solo theatre performance with Adam Walker

July 14, 2021

Multi Region Event: Europe and Asia / Americas and Europe

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Please note that this event is available to book in two regions. For more detailed time zone information, please see the ‘Important information’ section below.

About the workshop

How to teach the solo theatre performance

Workshop description
In this workshop, teachers will explore the requirements of the solo theatre performance (STP) through theory and practise. They will be led through a variety of activities to help their students make their explorations visible and dynamic. I will also share insights from my four years of experience in examining the STP.

Learning outcomes
Teachers will:
Unpack and understand the criteria.
Be led through a range of exemplar materials.
Explore practical methods of creating solo work that can be led with students.
Understand how the component is examined.
Understand some of the upcoming changes to Performing Theatre Theory taught from 2022.

How will the workshop benefit the teacher in their curriculum delivery?
Teachers will have practical tools, experiences and workshop activities to take back to the classroom. They will gain confidence in their ability to help students meet the requirements in specific ways.

Target audience
DP Theatre teachers

About your workshop leader

I trained in dance, drama and music at Birmingham and Warwick universities. I’m currently Head of Arts at the ISF Academy Hong Kong where I’ve lived for 10 years. I’ve directed countless productions of both student and community theatre from the streets of inner city Birmingham to an inflatable upside down purple cow in Hong Kong.

I love working with new and exciting texts and combining these with movement based experiences to create postmodern theatre with powerful messages. On the other side of the coin, I love clowning with the broad characters from British pantomime and tell as many double entendre jokes as possible.

After teaching and achieving good results in the STP for the last six years, I am excited to share the process that I take with my students in trying to engage them in solo theatre creation that is student centred, dynamic and balances theory and practise. I have led a number of workshops on making thinking visible with the arts team that I lead as well as guiding new staff to the DP course sharing materials, experience and examples.

Important information

Event coordinator
Helen Abbott

Europe and Asia
8:00-10:00am – BST (British Summer Time)
9:00-11:00am – CEST (Central European Standard Time)
3:00-5:00pm – SST (Singapore Standard Time)

Americas and Europe
7:00-9:00am – PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
10:00-12:00pm – EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
3:00-5:00pm – BST (British Summer Time)
4:00-6:00pm – CEST (Central European Standard Time)


The cost of this workshop is GBP £35 per person for ISTA members and GBP £40 per person for non members.

What to bring

Any materials shared with you prior to the workshop, such as the workbook. A notebook and pencil are always useful.

Space requirements
If possible, please try to have a small amount of space near to you for any practical work.

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Europe and Asia

Starts on Wednesday 14 July at 08:00
Finishes on Wednesday 14 July at 10:00
(BST - British Summer Time)

Americas and Europe

Starts on Wednesday 14 July at 07:00
Finishes on Wednesday 14 July at 09:00
(PDT - Pacific Daylight Time)


• Amanda Holcombe
• Anna Botsford
• Ben Shaver
• Dafydd White
• David Warick
• Devan Hibbard
• Diana Young
• Douglas Heron
• Erica Cali
• Giuliana Colarossi
• Grace Elliott
• Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson
• Himanshu Mam
• Ian Oxlade
• Indira Cureton-Cummings
• Joanne Fayan
• Jodie Dodington
• Kate Soper
• Keith Harle
• Laura Leat
• Louise Ballantyne
• Marie-Hélène Pichette
• Mary Bogrette
• Pamela Schmunk
• Peter Wilson
• Rachel Fenton
• Rachel Shapiro Cooper
• Rossella Peretto
• Sayali Indulkar
• Stacy Ohrt-Billingslea
• Tami Monsod
• Tiffany Lo