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ISTA Hong Kong Academy/GCD Consortium Multiverse festival

May 14 - May 29, 2022

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Please note this festival is for GCD Consortium schools only.

Artistic information

Find out what really matters to us all

A Multiverse Treasure Hunt

During this online festival we will explore our multifaceted personal story, personality, dreams, ideals, fears, relationships, and the worlds we would like to create.

Our identity carries many different sides, just like how we can play different characters on stage, and yet they are all part of who we are. Our identity also lives in multiple universes simultaneously. One can have an active life on Youtube, Whatsapp, Twitter, Fortnite and watch Tiktok at home while contributing commentaries at the same time. Our behaviours and even appearances can be vastly different and unique across different platforms. What’s more amazing is that we can switch between universes instantaneously.

How then can we use all those tools available to us to create an experience that reveals and surprises us? How can we create characters, spaces, performances, interactions using both physical and virtual means? How can we form a coherent narrative about who we are, and allow others to understand and see us? What is the treasure that is hidden, and would require us to travel through different universes to discover?

What are the stories that connect us and inspire us?

What are the stories that could save the world?


Darren Scully, Anne Drouet and Michael Wencong Chen


This online performing arts festival will take place over 3 consecutive weekends

All times are listed in Hong Kong time.

All mystery assignments will require groups to race against time to accomplish their task in order to proceed to the next round.


Sat 14 May 18.30-20.30: Round 1

Games and challenges to build ensemble, exploring individual and group identity

Mystery assignment 1

Sun 15 May 18.30-20.30: Round 2

Games and challenges to explore identity and behaviours in an assigned multiverse

Mystery assignment 2 to unlock the Independent Mission

Independent Mission 1 – to be completed before the sun sets in London on Weds 18 May

Sat 21 May 18.30-20.30: Round 3

Increasingly challenging tasks to explore alternative identities as shaped by our environments

Mystery assignment 3

Sun 22 May 18.30-20.30: Round 4

The game of What If?

Treasure Hunt

Independent Mission 2 – to be completed before the sun sets in London on Weds 25 May

Sat 28 May 18.30-20.30: Round 5

Explore the evidence presented

What are the connections to do with time, space, matter, energy in our multiverse?

What are the stories worth telling?

Sun 29 May 18.30-20.30: The Reveal

Stories To Save The World

Film Premier and Website Launch

Interviews with the creators

Important information and finances


This event is organised by ISTA’s Hong Kong Academy and is open to GCD Consortium schools only.

Up to 10 students per GCD school

Age Range

GBP £90 per student

Independent Sign Up
Parents can sign up and pay directly!

Free Professional Development for teachers
Free pass for one teacher per school. Additional teacher passes are GBP90. Please email us to arrange.

If you have more than 10 students who wish to take part, please let us know and we’ll discuss options with you.


Read about our Online Safety Policy and Agreement

Deadline to sign up
Friday 8th April 2022

Download & Forms

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Starts on Saturday 14 May at 18:30
Finishes on Sunday 29 May at 20:30
(SST - Singapore Standard Time)