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Lighting my theatrical world (Geneva, Switzerland) 1-day Studio

September 1, 2018

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Workshop title

Lighting my theatrical world


Workshop description

Session 1 – Light my day, light my world – In this session participants will cover basic lighting for multipurpose spaces, learn how to rig for every event and the art of rigging specials for a black box studio. Parcans, fresnels, backlighting, floor lighting, angles, directions, intensity and use of colour will be explored.
Session 2 – TEAM’ing – In this session teachers will focus on creating TEAM for the DP Theatre programme’s director’s notebook and solo performance. Links will be made to different theatre practices, theorists such as Lepage, Craig, Appia. Participants will also explore how video and lighting were used in the RSC’s production of The Tempest and a recent production of Heda Gabler. Participants will also have the opportunity to stage a short piece, inspired by the above – focusing on lighting choices.
Session 3 – Mapping my world – video and lighting – In this final session participants will learn how to use video mapping techniques to enhance set design; how to use video as lighting; how to use video as immersive lighting and how to combine light and video – along with the challenges and benefits of such a process.
In session 4 participants will have the opportunity to network and brainstorm asking the question – How do we take what we’ve learned today and apply it to the classroom.


Target audience

MS and HS theatre teachers; IB DP Theatre students.


About your workshop leader

During my secondary school education, I co-founded the Projectos AdHoc, a theatre group for acting and playwriting. With a degree in Philology at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, I worked as a lighting technician in the Teatro Viriato, then became technical director.
My experience as a lighting designer and programmer with different devising and professional companies gave me knowledge on how to work with adults and students. Touring around Europe help me to see simple and sophisticated theatre venues with the same principle: how to make any performance shine.
To find the perfect light and sound for a sentence, an idea or even for a secret sensation—sounds impossible, but when achieved, it gives unique life to another’s dream. Be a guide to this new world, with a new sun made of filaments and cables where all can be possible.
For the past five years Rui has been theatre manager at the Western International School of Shanghai and MYP theatre technology teacher; and will, next year, be moving to International School Hamburg.



International School of Geneva, La Chataigneraie
2, Chemin de la Ferme
CH – 1297 Founex

Tel: + 41 (0) 22 960 91 11

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ISTA Event Coordinator



This is a one day professional development and learning event for MS and HS Theatre teachers; as well as IB DP Theatre students.


Important information

Information for participating teachers

The workshop starts at 8:30am and finishes at 4:45pm on 1st September 2018.
Registration is now open.
Registration closes – 18th August 2018

Please note:

Places are limited so please register early.
Teachers should plan to attend the professional development and learning experience in its entirety. If travelling from outside of the host city, please arrange travel accordingly.



Registration fees

Teachers from member schools – GBP £175.
Teachers from non-member schools – GBP £192.50.


ISTA t-shirt – GBP £12.

Please note:

Fees include lunch and tea/coffee breaks.


Travel and visas

Participating teachers

While we are planning this event primarily for teachers in the host city to attend daily, an invitation is certainly extended to other teachers in the region. If the latter, you will be responsible for booking your own hotel. We suggest a hotel near the workshop venue.

ISTA artists

Your event coodinator will confirm final travel plans/dates with you.
Artist travel plans are due 3rd August 2018.
ISTA artists are responsible for booking their own flights to the festival and will use our travel agency for this. Artist teams will be activated 12 weeks prior to the studio and your EC will talk you through the process for booking flights at the time of activation.
Artists are also responsible for ensuring they have the necessary visa to enter Switzerland.



It is envisaged that teachers will travel on the day to this workshop.
If you wish to attend from overseas we suggest you book a hotel close to the venue.



Participating teachers

Lunch and coffee/tea breaks are provided on the day; breakfast and evening meal is not provided.

ISTA artists

All meals will be provided and/or a stipend provided to cover meal costs.


Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Saturday 01 September at 08:30
Finishes on Saturday 01 September at 16:45


International School of Geneva, La Chataigneraie
2, Chemin de la Ferme
CH-1297 Founex

Tel: +41 (0)22 960 91 11


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