ISTA present...

Manchester IB workshop 2018

June 28 - June 30, 2018


DP Theatre Category 1 and 2


Master classes

All teachers will take part in one 90 minute masterclass with Mark Winstanley on clowning.
That’s Funny! Discovering the pleasure of the clown



All teachers will attend two professional theatre performances on the same evening.

The first is an epic musical folktale told on a miniature scale. ‘A Heart at Sea’ by Half A String uses haunting live music to tell the story of a young Boy who bottles up his heart and throws it into the sea. Original song-writing is set to breathtaking visuals centred around a beautifully carved wooden chest that holds the secrets to the story.

Intricate puppets are swept through a transforming wooden world created by the spectacular chest.

A piece of stunning visual storytelling and intimate gig-theatre that will resonate with all ages:

The second is The Bearpit by Kopfkino. Publicly Flora and Nic are the perfect couple. Privately, they haven’t spoken to each other in months. As the glaciers melt and the rain begins to fall, they’ve got one night to settle the scores. One of them is going to crack.

The Bearpit examines the perfect couple as their public facade shatters. It interrogates what we tell ourselves to be true versus the reality raging beneath the surface.

Utilising and contrasting text and movement, The Bearpit is an investigation into what happens when a community stops talking with each other.

In 2017, the UK seems unable to talk candidly about the unique position it finds itself in. It is polarised on economic, geographical and social divides, and cannot communicate across these fault lines. Through the metaphor of a crumbling relationship, we are investigating how we got here, and what we can do to start being honest with each other: 


The University of Salford
School of Arts and Media
New Adelphi Building, University of Salford, Salford M5 4WT


Event coordinator


Important information

Registration is now closed.

To enquire about the possibility of a late booking or for further information on future workshops please contact

Registration will close on Thursday 14th June 2018 and will now be subject to a late booking fee.
Travel forms from ISTA artists are due on Thursday 17th May 2018.
A full information pack will be sent to all participants three weeks prior to the workshop.



Participants are advised to arrive into Manchester by evening on Wednesday 27th June 2018 and should not plan to leave the Univerisity until after the last session finishes at 3:00pm on Saturday.
We will only be able to issue a certificate of partial attendance should teachers arrive late or leave early.
All participants should fly into Manchester International Airport.
Please arrange travel accordingly.
Participants will be asked to make their own way from the airport to their hotels, using public transport (direct train line) or taxis. If the latter, the journey will take approximately 30 minutes and cost in the region of GBP£20-30.
Please note it is the responsibility of teachers and ISTA artists to ensure they have arranged their own visas, as required.



All participants are responsible for booking their own hotel accommodation in Manchester. Teachers might want to choose a location close to the University for easy access to the workshop venue.
ISTA will be organising accommodation for the ISTA artists for the 27th, 28th and 29th June 2018.



Registration fees
Teachers from member schools – GBP £785.
Teachers from non-member schools – GBP £850.
Fees include lunches and tea/coffee breaks daily; master class and theatre ticket.
ISTA t-shirt – GBP £12.
Any bookings taken in the six weeks prior to the workshop will incur an additional GBP £50 late booking surcharge, subject to availability.



Coffee/tea breaks and lunches are provided as part of the registration fees.
Breakfasts and dinners will not be provided at this event.


Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Thursday 28 June at 09:00
Finishes on Saturday 30 June at 15:00


The University of Salford
School of Arts and Media
New Adelphi Building,
M5 4WT


• Anja Iwers
• Anna Overballe
• Brian Higginson
• Caroline Millington
• David Kelly
• Hayley Curbishley
• Jenny Walker
• Johannes von Götz
• Kat Bradshaw-Smith
• Katherine Crook
• Katherine Ellicott
• Kelly Jane Mann
• Laia Montanur
• Lizzy Wissett
• Marco Kraft
• Matropolitan School Frankfurt
• Melanie Holmes
• Naima Thompson
• Nathan Hunt
• Renato Luna Dezonne
• Shannon Lue
• Wilhelmina Fessenbecker