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Manchester October 2017 IB Workshop

October 12 - October 14, 2017

Booking Closed


DP Theatre Category 1, DP Theatre Category 2.


For DP Theatre teachers attending Cat 1 and Cat 2
Teachers attending will have one 90-minute master class with Matt Lynch on Lecoq.


For DP Theatre teachers attending Cat 1 and Cat 2
All participants will attend two professional theatre performances.
Our Town at the Royal Exchange Theatre. A bona fide American classic, Our Town tells the story of Emily and George, two unremarkable teenagers growing up in a small New Hampshire town at the turn of the last century. You’re invited to eavesdrop on this tightly wound community as events unfold – both the apparently trivial and the deeply profound – across the course of a decade. Rich with detail and shot through with a distinctive mix of light and shade, Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning smalltown epic of human existence remains as theatrically fresh and as topical as ever: Our Town, but also, unmistakably, yours. Directed by Sarah Frankcom.

We Are Ian at Home. 1989. Manchester. The year that everything changed from black and white into crazy technicolour. A frenzy of drugs, beats and bucket hats. Illegal raves. Acid parties. Just jumping up and down in a field and throwing two fingers to Thatcher… Remember it? Ian does. So, we’re going back to 1989. We’re gonna get off our peanuts. We’re gonna bounce around like idiots. And Ian’s going to show us how. We’re mad ‘fer it. And you will be too. Let’s party. We Are Ian is about Ian, who was around in the late 80s and early 90s Acid House scene in Manchester. The show is made from recordings of real conversations and scored by tracks from the era.


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Ian –

Important information

Registration is now open and will close on 12th September 2017.
Travel forms from artists due by 12th September 2017.
A full information pack will be sent to all participants three weeks prior to the workshop.


Registration fees
For DP Theatre teachers attending Cat 1 and Cat 2

Teachers from member schools: £815.00

Teachers from non-member schools:£880.00

ISTA t-shirts: £12.00
Registration fees and surcharges will be invoiced on completion of registration.

Travel & visas

Participants are advised to arrive into Manchester by evening on Wednesday 11th October 2017 and should not plan to leave the University until after the last session finishes at 3:00pm on Saturday.
Teachers arriving late or leaving early will only receive a certificate of partial completion.
Please arrange travel accordingly.
All participants should fly into Manchester.
Please note it is the responsibility of teachers and ISTA artists to ensure they have arranged their own visas, as required.


All participants are responsible for booking their own hotel accommodation in Manchester.
ISTA will be organising accommodation for the ISTA artists for the 11th, 12th and 13th October 2017.


Coffee/tea breaks and lunches are provided as part of your registration fees.
Breakfasts and dinners will not be provided at this event.

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Thursday 12 October at 09:00
Finishes on Saturday 14 October at 15:00


The University of Salford
School of Arts and Media
New Adelphi Building,
M5 4WT


• Anton Bonnici
• Chu-Lynne Ng
• Cindy Kennaugh
• Claudia Kennedy
• Cnudde Stephanie
• Dale Scroggins
• Elizabeth Garrott
• Hollis Ball
• Jennifer Durston
• John Doty
• Katrina Eden
• Lawrence Harding
• Mark Patton
• Samantha Ward
• Stephanie Gilligan