ISTA present...

Marymount London MS Festival (for Marymount Schools only)

March 18 - March 21, 2025

Please note that this festival is for Marymount Schools only.

What is an ISTA Festival?

What learners and educators are saying

“The passion our students developed for theatre, how life changing this experience was for our students. Parents have emailed us about it, our director has gotten in touch – just such an amazing positive experience. Bringing a younger group, with three 9th graders and five 10th graders to what was an unknown beast in a Deep Dive Festival; seeing our kids rise to the challenge and just fall in love with theatre making, was special. The number of students who came out of this festival talking about how excited they were about going into IB Theatre, asking us how they could do that… absolutely outstanding.”
Educator – ISTA Deep Dive into Tradition, Theory and Theatre Making, October 2023

“My favourite part was showing all our work and efforts to the audience and sending a strong message of the lack of freedom in our lives using different art forms, it was so fun and collaborative and I loved using the stage and performing at my very best . I really enjoyed meeting people similar to me and getting to know different people and cultures from around the world. The best parts of the festival were getting to explore different art forms with as much creative freedom as we wanted because it allowed us to get more comfortable with this sort of creative process. The amount of time we spent with different schools; I would have loved to be able to meet even more people. I gained friends, experience and lots of fun from this experience.”
Learner – ISTA Festival 2022

ISTA Festivals

Our festivals give young people an immersive theatre experience over several days in exciting cities and locations across the world. Festivals are built on story-based inquiry and provide participants with the skills and experience needed to explore theatre collaboratively and develop themselves as global learners.

At ISTA we use stories to share, explore, create and present stories of who we are and of our world. We believe sharing stories from particular settings and cultures is a powerful approach to global learning. Story also provides a concrete focus for young people and artist’s creative work.

Equally weighted so that everyone has the same opportunities – ISTA festivals are the best way for young people to learn about theatre, themselves and each other.

Click here to download the Benefits of attending an ISTA Festival

Important information

Venue address
Marymount International School, London
George Road
Kingston upon Thames

Venue Website

The event starts at 4:00 pm on Tuesday 18 March 2025
The event ends at  12:30pm on Friday 21 March 2025

Event Manager
Helen Abbott

Registration is open.

All information must be submitted by 7 January 2025.

Travel information is required as part of the registration process. Please have travel details confirmed.

Please note
Participants should arrive at the host school for registration by 4:00 pm on Tuesday 18 March 2025.

Participants should not plan to leave the school until after 12:30pm on Friday 21 March 2025.

Please arrange travel accordingly.

Travel & Visas

All participants will arrive into, London (Heathrow or Gatwick Airport).

On arrival you will be met by Marymount International School, London and transferred to the school.

You will be taken back to the airport on departure.


It is the responsibility of the schools/participants to ensure they have the appropriate visas, as required.

Please ensure that you start looking into visa requirements sooner rather than later as the process can take a significant amount of time.

If you require assistance or additional documentation to support your visa applications please ensure to contact the relevant event manager well in advance.

Fees & Payment Information

Individual participation fee:

Student Learners
GBP £255
Host school – maximum of 15 students at reduced price: GBP £199

Educator Chaperones
GBP £105

Cultural Experience: GBP £15
Airport Transfer: GBP £15
Daily Transportation: GBP £15

Total Registration Fees

Includes Participation fee + Surcharges (Cultural Experience + Daily Transportation + Airport Transfer)

Student Learners
GBP £300

Educator Chaperones
GBP £150

N.B All Fees include a T-Shirt


Hotel model

Please Note:
Festival hosts will arrange a block booking reservation at an appropriate hotel. Participating organisations are responsible for booking and paying for their group’s accommodation at the recommended hotel.
Airport/Station pick up/drop off and daily local transportation to the festival venue will not be provided for organisations choosing to book at a hotel other than the one recommended by the host.
ISTA and the host organisation will not take responsibility for any arrangements made between the organisation and the hotel.

Hotel information

Name of hotel: TBC
Postal address:
Phone number:
Website link

Daily rate for single room with breakfast:
Daily rate for double/twin room with breakfast:

For adult chaperones
Single rooms should be booked for 3 nights from 18 March 2025

For learners
Shared rooms should be booked for 3 nights from 18 March 2025


For hotel stay students and all adult chaperones
Please ensure you book breakfast at the hotel.

Lunch will be provided daily at the host school.

Evening meals will be provided at the host school.

If a social meal is to be part of the festival schedule for adult chaperones and ISTA artists this is costed at approximately GBP £30 per person.

What to bring

Appropriate attire

  • All participants must bring clothing that is suitable for physically active workshops during the day (athletic wear, PE kit, performance blacks, etc.)

Please note:

  • Participants not dressed appropriately for physically active workshops may be asked to sit-out.
  • Participants may be asked to remove footwear, jewellery etc. for some workshops.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted in any of the workshop spaces.


  • Pens, pencils, highlighters etc. for notetaking
  • Refillable water bottle

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Tuesday 18 March at 16:00
Finishes on Friday 21 March at 13:30
(Local Time)


Marymount International School London
George Road
Kingston upon Thames
London KT2 7PE
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 208 9490571