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Physical theatre actor training (online 1)

August 18, 2020

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Physical theatre actor training: Polish inspired practice from Moon Fool Theatre (online 1) is a best fit timing for those located across Asia and Europe.

About the workshop

Workshop description
This session will equip participants with ensemble physical theatre training techniques using body, voice, rhythm and gesture and a greater understanding of the ACT actor training created by Moon Fool theatre. Actor–Chorus–Text (ACT) ensemble practice, an original approach conceived by Moon Fool’s lead artist and director Anna Helena McLean, that generates ensemble theatre productions. ACT symbiotically interweaves music, movement and poetry to tell stories, while responding to and reinventing the given spatial location.

Emily has worked with Moon Fool Theatre as an associate artist and ACT Youth director since 2009.
Learn more about Moon Fool Theatre here
Learn more about Moon Fool Theatre’s ACT training here

Learning outcomes
In this workshop participants will:
• Further their ensemble training techniques – group listening, impulse and reaction.
• Learn about Moon Fool Theatre and its links to Gardzienice Theatre and the work of Jerzy Grotowski.
• Explore singing and rhythm exercises designed to bring a company together and create atmosphere and meaning using musicality.
• Learn methods of using sound and gesture to concretise intention.

This workshop will be of particular use to middle school and high school theatre teachers. It is also suitable for IB DP Theatre teachers as it explores researching practitioners, a component of the collaborative project. ISTA artists and alumni are also very welcome to attend as it will apply to all.

About your workshop leader

Emily Jane Grant
I am a bilingual facilitator, director and performer and run my own company Join the Dots Theatre as well as working freelance. I trained at Middlesex University, E.N.S.A.T.T in France and then with Moon Fool company with whom I work with as an associate artist. This collaboration has been instrumental in shaping my physical work and building on my musicality.

I have been lucky enough to work across the world touring shows and workshops. I am always amazed at how theatre opens the mind – creating spaces in which we question, dream, create, share and connect. I thrive on the magic of masks, the power of ensemble work and the rhythm and music that exists in everything we do.

Important information

Event coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke

The event timing is listed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Please use this helpful timezone converter website to organise the timings for any ISTA online event from GMT to your own personal local time.

This PD&L workshop will be run online using Zoom. Please make sure that you are set up to attend via Zoom in advance of the event. Refer to the Zoom FAQs and How to join a Zoom meeting video tutorial here.

Participants who complete registration and payment will receive the link to the online workshop after registration closes.

Please note: Registration for this event will close on Thursday 13th August 2020.
Each August PD&L session can only accommodate a maximum of 17 participants.
This is the same workshop as Physical theatre actor training (online 2) – just facilitated to reach different time zones.


The session will run for 1.5 hours.
The cost of the session is GBP £20 per person.

What to bring

Please bring a pen and paper and something comfortable to move in so we can be ready to play with our bodies and voices.

Space requirements
Space that you can move around in and make noise.

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Tuesday 18 August at 08:00
Finishes on Tuesday 18 August at 09:30