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Singapore Twilight - Verbatim Theatre

March 12 - March 12, 2020

Artistic information

Verbatim Theatre

Verbatim theatre uses the recording or recounting of real life events, experiences and incidents as the starting point for making theatre. It engages theatre makers, performers and audiences with deep listening and demonstrates how theatre can be a powerful tool for activism. It’s an interesting area of study as it also engages us with questions of ethics and authenticity. It’s often used to give voice to those who are not able or prepared to speak out while also providing us with the opportunity to look at one situation from different perspectives. Verbatim theatre can use transcripts, interviews, first-hand accounts and observations as the starting point for theatre, presenting the lived experience on stage.

This workshop will look at verbatim theatre and use the theorist Aleky Blythe’s methods to examine how we can create theatre out of real life. We will also explore the use of the ‘voice in the ear’ as text and performance material. This introduces students to deep, empathic listening as well as authentic performance which communicates not only the content of the interviewee’s words, but also their tone, pace, emphasis and hesitations.

During the twilight workshop, participants will:
consider how we can make theatre out of real life;
explore a powerful and relevant contemporary form of theatre;
examine aspects of a theatre theorist’s approach to verbatim;
consider how to create solo performance using real life voices;
develop authenticity in performance.

Learning outcomes
Participants will leave the workshop with a rich understanding of Verbatim Theatre. The intricacies and complexities of this rich theatre practice; as well as with a new and far reaching tool box to take into their classrooms, thus enabling them to continue to develop their Verbatim Theatre work and apply it to a range of contexts within both the HS Theatre curriculum and performances.

Target audience
HS Theatre teachers and students. This workshop is, also, hugely relevant to teachers and students of DP Theatre.

About your workshop leader
Dinos Aristidou
The workshop will be run by Dinos Aristidou, ISTA artist, director and playwright who is currently artistic director of the ‘Hear Us Out’ verbatim theatre festival September 2020 in SE England and creator/director of ‘Good Company’ (touring production, 2017, Wales) an original verbatim piece on disability hate crime.

Important information

School address
Chatsworth International School (Orchard Campus)
37 Emerald Hill Rd

School website

The event starts at 4:30pm on Thursday 12th March 2020.
The event finishes at 7:30pm on Thursday 12th March 2020.

Event coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke


For participants
Registration fees
The fee for this twilight workshop is GBP £40 per person.

Travel and visas

For participants
All participants are responsible for organising their own transport to CIS.


For participants
There is no accommodation required for this workshop.

For artists
Please contact your EC for details.


For participants
No meals are provided as part of this workshop. Refreshments will be provided on arrival at CIS.

For artists
Please contact your EC for details.

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Starts on Thursday 12 March at 16:30
Finishes on Thursday 12 March at 19:30 .


Chatsworth International School (Orchard Campus)
37 Emerald Hill Rd


• Barry Crooks
• Corin James
• Erica Cali
• Harry Ashburn
• Isobel Histed
• Kate Soper
• Leanne Fulcher
• Maia Marwa
• Roshni Nagaria
• Tara Verma
• Tom Schulz


• Dinos Aristidou