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The Traveler screening package featuring Bill Bowers

November 15, 2021 - November 28, 2021

Multi Ticket type Event: Individual ticket / School ticket

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Please note the screening is available between the 15th – 28th November 2021 only so please bear this in mind when making your booking to ensure you have time to screen the show.

About the screening package


The Traveler screening package featuring Bill Bowers

Package description

The Traveler screening package provides educators, families and students an online space to explore ideas around the ideas and concepts surrounding immigration while learning through theatre. Explore not only the themes but also learn how the creators collaborated and developed the production – and why they chose to tell this particular story. The screening package will be fully accessible between the dates of 15th – 28th November 2021.

As part of this package you will have access to:

• 3 pre-recorded student mime workshops with Bill Bowers for primary, middle and high school
• 2-week unlimited screening access to The Traveler online performance (run time 45 minutes)
• 2-week unlimited access to pre and post-show activities provided by New York City Children’s Theatre

Target audience

Primary, middle and high school students aged 3+ and all teachers.

About The Traveler performance

The Traveler

A love letter to modern day immigrants who travel thousands of miles in search of a new home and community, The Traveler is a story of one man who must say goodbye to the life he knows. On his trek, he must face obstacles, build a community, and find himself before he can discover where he belongs.

From the imaginations of celebrated mime Bill Bowers, student of the legendary Marcel Marceau, and director Andrew Frank, comes a silent and whimsical tale of one man’s journey to find a new home.


Run time: 45 minutes

Watch The Traveler trailer here:


A Note from the Creators Bill Bowers and Andrew Frank

The Traveler is a love letter of sorts to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keeton, who used stories of immigrants and the everyman to make us laugh and cry a hundred years ago. Chaplin’s “little tramp” was often in our minds as we developed this piece. But the work is also a love letter to modern-day immigrants who travel thousands of miles searching for a new home and community. Over the past few years, as we have been developing this work, pictures of homes being destroyed in hurricanes, immigrants crossing borders, and families being separated have filtered through our various screens into our minds. Although this piece isn’t a direct commentary on them, it has influenced the story we decided to tell. Unlike many typical plays, since this work has no words and the world is left primarily to the audience’s imagination, we have tried to stretch reality beyond what one might expect. In our world, time can move in the blink of an eye, a bus can hold hundreds of people, and a map can appear and fly away in an instant. And sometimes, what you could only see in your mind can even appear right in front of you. In the end, the question–”What are we looking for when we go on a journey?” is answered by the people we meet and the community we share. And for us, as well the man in our story, the answer includes all of you.


A message from Bill Bowers


Show Credits

Created by Andrew Frank and Bill Bowers
Directed by Andrew Frank
Performed by Bill Bowers
Stage Manager Glenn Potter-Takata
Lighting Design by Mariel Sanchez
Costume Design by Michael Growler
Videographer Nick Morgulis
Editor Vincent Dale



Bonus resources/workshops

In addition to the screening of The Traveler as part of the package, you will also receive activities, resources and access to three pre-recorded student workshops, created by Bill, each targeted at primary, middle and high school students. See below:

Primary School
Bill Bowers, creator and performer of The Traveler, will offer a fun-filled introduction to the art of mime. 95% of our communication is nonverbal, so that means almost everything we say, we say without any words! We will look at how we all use mime everyday through gestures and expression of emotion. Bill will also share his sources of inspiration for The Traveler, and how he developed this silent story.

Middle School
Bill Bowers, creator and performer of The Traveler, offers an introductory workshop about the ancient art of mime. Students will learn basic pantomime illusions and how to approach storytelling physically. Bill will also talk about his inspiration for creating The Traveler, and how he developed this silent story.

High School
Bill Bowers, creator and performer of The Traveler, will share some of his experiences in creating his solo play, The Traveler, including his inspiration for the story, and the play’s evolution through the rehearsal process. Students will also learn the fundamentals of pantomime, and how to create basic illusions.

About Bill Bowers

I have appeared on Broadway in The Lion King and The Scarlet Pimpernel and in theatres throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. A student of the legendary mime Marcel Marceau, I now perform my solo plays throughout the world. I also teach Movement at New York University and Stella Adler Studios in New York City.

I live in New York City but grew up in the wilds of Montana, and from a young age had an attraction to the ‘big quiet’ of the vast western landscape. I began to study what can be said without using words which led me to the art of mime. I present master classes for TaPS and IB teacher training, perform my solo plays at ISTA events and have been a SEL at numerous ISTA festivals.

Important information

Event coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke

Screening available
Between 15th though to 28th November 2021

Please note
Upon booking you will receive the link to the online event space.
Access to view the performance and activities through the New York City Children’s Theatre page will only be available between Monday 15th and Sunday 28th November 2021.


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Individual ticket

Starts on Monday 15 November
Finishes on Sunday 28 November at 23:59
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Starts on Monday 15 November
Finishes on Sunday 28 November at 23:59
(GMT - Greenwich Mean Time)