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Unpacking the criteria for assessment: The research presentation with Fenella Kelly

July 6, 2021

Multi Region Event: Europe and Asia / Americas and Europe

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Please note that this event is available to book in two regions. For more detailed time zone information, please see the ‘Important information’ section below.

About the workshop

Unpacking the criteria for assessment: The research presentation

Workshop description
This workshop will focus on what teachers need to cover in their core curriculum to prepare students for the RP assessment task. The session will also unpack each of the assessment criteria, explore what is expected and how students are awarded marks.

Learning outcomes
During this session teachers will learn:
The skills they will need to teach students in year 1 to be able to do the RP.
Key content that needs to be covered in the core curriculum in relation to world theatre.
The expectations of each assessment criterion.
Key take-aways on research skills, processes of learning and application, presentation skills and the requirements of reflection in this task.

How will the workshop benefit the teacher in their curriculum delivery?
This invaluable workshop will help teachers to fully understand the intricacies of the demands of the research presentation assessment task so that students can be fully prepared for it and therefore achieve their full potential.

Target audience
DP Theatre teachers.

About your workshop leader

I am an international drama specialist, teacher and teacher trainer. I have taught drama and theatre fulltime in four continents, co-founded a theatre company in Istanbul, was in a physical theatre company in Brazil and in many contemporary dance companies. Now I am a freelance artist based in the UK. I have worked for ISTA since 1999 and am now an Honorary Life Member. Since 1999 I have hosted festivals on four continents (introducing ISTA to South America).

I love all aspects of the performing arts. I play the flute and saxophone in bands, learn and teach drumming, and sing in choirs. I also teach Latin American dances including salsa and tango. Since 2008 I have been learning Kathakali, and now teach and perform this dance-theatre tradition.

My own research has been vast over the years and on top of research in an educational capacity, to become a Kathakali performer, I carried out academic, physical and applied research. For over 25 years I have taught students in schools how to research and have trained teachers for almost as long. I am the principal examiner for the research presentation where I train examiners how to assess research. I also advise teachers and students on the best way to present research findings.

Important information

Event Coordinator
Keriann O’Rourke

Europe and Asia
8:00-10:00am – BST (British Summer Time)
9:00-11:00am – CEST (Central European Standard Time)
3:00-5:00pm – SST (Singapore Standard Time)

Americas and Europe
7:00-9:00am – PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
10:00-12:00pm – EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
3:00-5:00pm – BST (British Summer Time)
4:00-6:00pm – CEST (Central European Standard Time)


The cost of this session is GBP £35 per person for ISTA members and GBP £40 for non members.

What to bring

Any materials shared with you prior to the workshop, such as the workbook. A notebook and pencil are always useful.

Space requirements
If possible, please try to have a small amount of space near to you for any practical work.

Download & Forms

Please find below the relevant documentation for you to download:


Europe and Asia

Starts on Tuesday 06 July at 08:00
Finishes on Tuesday 06 July at 10:00
(BST - British Summer Time)

Americas and Europe

Starts on Tuesday 06 July at 07:00
Finishes on Tuesday 06 July at 09:00
(PDT - Pacific Daylight Time)


• Amanda Holcombe
• Annie Philip
• Ben Shaver
• Douglas Heron
• Frank Ablorh-Odjidja
• Ian Oxlade
• Jodie Dodington
• Justin Leigh Barrett
• Kate Olson
• Kate Soper
• Kirsteen Douglas
• Laura Leat
• Melissa Shaddick
• Scott MACKY
• Vanessa Noble