During the event, The International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) is likely to collect audio, still imagery and video footage of educators/students.

The purpose of this form is to lay out how this material could be used by ISTA and how it could be shared.

The following materials could be collected by ISTA, an authorised teacher or a representative:

  • Still imagery of educators/students which will show their likeness.
  • Video footage of educators/students, which will show their likeness.
  • Audio of educators’/student’s voices.

ISTA will use this material for the purposes of:

  • Showcasing the results of an event or experience via live performance online, through an approved platform.
  • Marketing/showcasing an event or experience directly on ISTA’s website.
  • Marketing/showcasing event or experience directly on ISTA’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo).
  • Marketing/showcasing an event or experience through email marketing directly from ISTA employees and artists as well as in campaigns through MailChimp to various approved mailing lists.
  • Illustrate relevant resources and publications such as ‘Scene’
  • ISTA may also use the material for the above purposes to promote similar events or experiences in the future.

Educators/Parents/Guardians should be aware:

  • That this material will be shared as per the above media.
  • At no point will an educator’s/student’s likeness and name appear together – identifying them.
  • ISTA will not share the materials by any unapproved medium.
  • ISTA will not share the materials to any unapproved sources.
  • Educator’s/student’s details will not be shared with anyone outside of ISTA employees and artist team.
  • The final edit of any audio, video or still imagery will be completed by schools, ISTA employees and artists and as such will not be approved by you/schools.

Declaration (made by agreeing to this terms & conditions when booking)

I, the educator/As a school we have received the necessary permissions from students parents/guardians, give permission to ISTA, their employees or artists to photograph and/or video me/students as part of the event and use the imagery, video and sound created from this event for any of ISTA’s business activities including without limitation for the promotion of this event/experience and any other promotional (printed and digital publications) and educational purposes.

As such I/we hereby authorise ISTA to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute this video imagery/audio/printed quotes arising from video and still photographic images for purposes of publicising ISTA’s programs or for any other ISTA activities as necessary.

In addition, I/we waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my own/student’s likeness appears. Additionally, I/we waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the video imagery/audio/printed quotes arising from video and still photographic images wherein my likeness appears.

Questions about this form or the use of the material by ISTA should be directed to ISTA’s Director of Operations, Tom Scott (

I have read the above consent form and fully understand it. I have had an opportunity to ask questions and all of them have been satisfactorily answered.