Please read this document carefully before submitting your application form.


ISTA Mission and Vision

ISTA specialises in global learning through theatre.

We provide transformative learning experiences for educators and young people worldwide. We create communities of learning, working closely with over 240 member schools around the world and we are the International Baccalaureate’s exclusive global provider of teacher training for Diploma Theatre.

We believe in the unique power of theatre and the arts to connect, develop, transform and empower people to become active members and change makers in their own communities and the world.

We use the ISTA™ Ensemble method, a collaborative approach to learning and community building and story based inquiry, using story as a way to understand the world and as a tool for change.

ISTA welcomes schools, organisations and individuals who have an interest in international arts education, learning though theatre and who are committed to being responsible and active members of our global community.

Membership Fees 2023-2024

Organisation Premium GBP £750
Organisation GBP £ 520
Individual GBP £ 150

Membership and the hosting commitment

ISTA’s success is in part due to each member organisation honouring their commitment to host. Therefore, a large part of each Organisation and Premium Organisation’s responsibility is the requirement to host a festival every four years.

Prior to confirming your membership application form this should be a commitment that is discussed and agreed to by the senior leadership team (and/or staff responsible for confirming hosting international events at your school).

Please note that we do not require member schools to host TaPS events except, occasionally, in the Asia Pacific region.

Once membership is approved ISTA’s  Engagement Manager will be in touch to begin this process with you. Your school will be expected to host by the fourth year after joining.

All member organisations will be required to fulfill their commitment to hosting regardless of the number or type of events they attend in any given year.

In addition to the above we expect all members to:

  • commit to being an engaged and active member of our community;
  • use ISTA’s Artist in Residence programme if bringing an ISTA artist into their school;
  • ensure the Educator Chaperone in charge of any ISTA trip is fully informed with regard to channels of communication and processes;
  • abide by our Event Terms and Conditions when attending any events;
  • comply with ISTA’s Managing Risk policies and procedures;
  • contact ISTA with any changes of contact information as and when appropriate;
  • honour the procedures for renewing membership on an annual basis;
  • respond to emails and invoices in a timely manner.

ISTA is unlike many organisations in the 21st century. We are a community not a corporation. We pride ourselves on getting to know everyone, offering a personal service and avoiding bureaucracy. Our daily practice is based on our values of honesty, trust and respect; with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure.

Organisational Norms

Creating and maintaining a culture of kindness and respect at all of our events, in our daily work and with all interactions with members of our community is a key aspect of ISTA.  We believe that the language of communication between our staff and members (and vice versa) should be based on politeness, respect and openness; and should at all times remain positive. We place an emphasis on positive reinforcement of best practice and any complaints will be addressed swiftly, seriously and fairly.

ISTA’s policy is that emails will be responded to in 3 working days (Monday-Friday). There may be periods where ISTA staff are away from their desks to staff festivals and events and they will respond to emails as soon as they are able upon returning to their normal duties.

Membership Renewal 

Membership is automatically renewed 365 days after activation/payment of previous year’s fees.  If you wish to upgrade, pause or terminate your membership subscription, please contact ISTA’s Engagement Manager at least 30 days before your current subscription year ends.

Contacting ISTA

For details of who to contact, please refer to the contact ISTA page on the website.


April 2023