2020-2021 TaPS and ISTA/IB workshop calendars

5 November 2019

The 2020-2021 TaPS calendar

ISTA is delighted to announce our calendar for next year’s TaPS. Booking opens on Monday, 13th January 2020 (9:00am UK time). Each event will have its own webpage with important information enabling you to make your choice. It’s a bit like the first day of sales at Harrods (!) so put this date in your diary now. Here is the link to the relevant section of our website.

The ISTA/IB workshop calendar for 2020-2021

Workshops taking place between June and August 2020 are open for bookings now. Please go to www.ista.co.uk/events/ib-workshops; click on the workshop of your choice and then the Book Now icon. The SSSs will open for booking on Monday 13th January 2020. Follow the steps above to book on the SSS of your choice. Workshops taking place between June and August 2021 will open for booking in June 2020.