2021 ISTA experiences… at a glance

11 January 2021

We have been launching new experiences at a ferocious pace since Covid-19 began and I started the new year by reflecting that it’s possibly become quite confusing to see what we do have on offer for your students and yourselves with this ‘explosion of newness’. So to start the new year with some clarity, here is a list of our 2021 offerings.

Under each experience header I’ve linked to another blog article where you can find out more about this particular experience and then there are secondary links to the webpages where you can book.

As always, if you have questions, please email one of the team and we’ll be happy to arrange a chat.

TaPS online

Launched back in September 2020, these virtual events for DP Theatre students have proved hugely successful – a striking success one might say. We’ve had 28 schools sign up for the TaPS online to date and are aiming for around 40 before the end of the year. While year 2 IB students are now heavily into assessment tasks etc the course is ideal for your year 1 students at this time of year.

• An overview of the TaPS online experience can be found here.

TaPS online

• Feedback from some of the first schools to sign up for the course can be found here.

TaPS online… a striking success!

• To book TaPS online, head to our webpage here.


 Festivals online

Launched in late November 2020 we are eagerly awaiting our first bookings as many of you told us you’d be onto this in January. A few festivals are now well and truly in the planning stages with bespoke content for a number of schools working virtually in one region. We have a menu of 6 different types of festivals for you to choose from. Or you can get in touch with us to share your ideas and we’ll help you realise these.

• An overview of our virtual festivals can be found here.

ISTA virtual festivals have now launched

• To book one of our festivals, head to our webpages (each different type of festival has a separate webpage) here.


Hear it out – a memoir of an extraordinary year

Launched in December 2020 we still have a couple of spaces left for schools to sign up for this unique, far reaching project. For the first time we are branching away from our core festival/TaPS models to bring an exciting, innovative project to the ISTA membership. The project takes place from mid-January through to May 2021 and is open to 10 member schools only. Please consider signing yourself and your students up to this first – a global digital Verbatim theatre production!

• An overview of the project can be found here.

The international digital Verbatim theatre production project – For ISTA member schools

• If you have questions or would like to book a place please email sally@ista.co.uk.

And… while this is essentially a high school theatre experience, we have MS students from the International School of Kenya who are keen to take part – so need another MS to work alongside them. If you are interested, email me!

Schools taking part to date:
Bavarian International School, Germany (Isabel Moraes)
ESF King George V School, Hong Kong (Ian Baker)
Institut Le Rosey, Switzerland (Laurie Carroll Bérubé)
Renaissance College, Hong Kong (Lou Houghton)
Sturgis Charter Public School, West, USA (Anna Botsford)
Sturgis Charter Public School, East, USA (Diana Young)


Discover DP Theatre

Launched in December 2020 this is a bite-size course comprising 5 sessions, introducing students to the DP Theatre programme. Ideal for any pre-IB class, it can be taken at any time of the year and early in the 2nd semester (i.e. now!) is ideal. I wanted to take the time to explain the course in more detail as well as our rationale for offering this experience.

An explanation and rationale for the Discover DP Theatre experience.

Introducing Discover DP Theatre from ISTA on Vimeo.

If you have questions, please email anyone on our team.

To book, please click here.


Spotlight sessions

Launched in November 2020 we piloted two monthly sessions in November and December that received rave reviews.

Spotlight sessions January to May 2021

You can book places on any or all of the Spotlight sessions here.

Monthly PD&L workshops

Our hugely popular monthly PD&L sessions are now programmed through to May 2021. Each month we offer one PD&L session for all theatre teachers and one, specifically, for DP Theatre teachers.

You can find out more about our January to May 2021 programme here.

Monthly PD&L workshops from January through to May 2021… at a glance

You can book onto our monthly PD sessions which are typically held:
• Thursday evenings Asia time
• Thursday evenings Europe time
• Saturday morning/afternoon Asia time
• Saturday morning Europe/the Americas time

All event webpages can be found here.



Following the success of the pilot Studio in July 2020 focussing on Concept based learning in the MS curriculum we have now designed 4 new Studios for the online platform. We are rolling these out in different regions at different times of the year.

For more information on how our Studios work and for specific dates for our January to May time click here.

Studios January to May 2021 … at a glance

You can book a place on one or more Studios here.

• We continue to offer our Artist in Residence programme through an online platform.

Artist in Residence (AiR)

• Our one-on-one mentoring programme is available for all teachers.

• Many of our artists are keen to offer their services for one-on-one coaching for individual students who may need guidance for interviews/preparing monologues etc.

If you have questions about any of the above or would like to book an ISTA artist, please email tom@ista.co.uk