A celebration of ISTA’s exceptional artists

4 January 2024

by Helen Abbott (ISTA Artist & Event Manager / Scene Editor)

We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible diversity and talent that we have on our artist database. Hand in hand with the work our amazing hosts do, the success of our events lies in the passion, commitment, imagination and creativity of the artists we are fortunate to have as part of our community. We frequently reflect on and marvel at the unique skills and perspectives each of them bring to an ISTA experience.

We are committed to fostering a diverse global network of artists who span an impressively wide collection of skills. Our database is a trove of artistic brilliance, with talents and skills that range from physical theatre, world theatre traditions, storytelling, immersive theatre, dance and choreography and so much more. 

ISTA seeks to be able to provide each festival, AiR, TAPS and Connect event with a rich, eclectic creative team while also honouring a commitment to provide as many artists on our database as possible an opportunity each year to staff an event. To get this balance right, we are currently not actively seeking to take on new artists but have our ears and eyes open to broadening our database with exciting or under-represented skills where possible. 

The recent additions to our artist community have infused ISTA with fresh energy and innovation. Their unique skills and approaches will enrich our existing pool, the teams they are on and the events they are part of. 

In celebrating our artists, we celebrate the importance of theatre and artistic expression. Thank you ISTA artists for working alongside our schools and educators to breathe life into our shared vision.

Below are a selection of some “in action” images that our Artists have shared with us.