A look back on the 2022-2023 season in photos

18 July 2023

As get ready to jump to events of the new season, we wanted to take a moment to look back on the exciting experiences that took place in 2022-2023 for ISTA. Here’s a snapshot of the season:

◦ We put together 69 different Artist in Residence experiences across 22 different countries

◦ Over 1,330 students attended 17 festivals in 11 countries

◦ 664 students attended TaPS in Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, London and New York

◦ Virtual TaPS events took place in 8 different countries

◦ 251 educators attended IB DP Theatre & Film training

◦ We hosted 10 unique professional development & learning workshops

Virtual TaPS Inspirations

Since this is a two year program, it is so valuable for students to hear from another expert in the field about theatre activities, practices and applications toward their IB work. The workshop leader was engaging, insightful and a wonderful breath of fresh air for my students.

Educator who organised a Virtual TaPS experience for their IB DP Theatre students

TaPS Perspectives

The connection and rigour of working with professionals was an eye-opener for the students. This allowed them to make clear connections between the theory of the course and the real world of creating and performing theatre.

Educator who brought students to a face to face TaPS event

IB training

Thank you for making my understanding of the assessments stronger, and for giving me the tools to apply the things I learned in to my classroom.

Educator who attended IB DP Theatre training


Students loved to work with other passionate theatre kids. They don´t get the opportunity to feel what it’s like to create something, like the ISTA final sharing, with so many diverse and creative thinkers. The feeling of accomplishment and connection is what the students walk away from the festival remembering.

Educator who brought students to an ISTA festival

Professional Development & Learning

What a powerful hands-on workshop! It went straight to the point, and got us engaged from the very beginning. It was simple and clear, and managed to enrich my teaching AND my acting toolbox at the same time.

Educator who attended a virtual PD&L workshop

Wow! What a year it was for everyone involved with our events and learning experiences. Thank you to everyone who joined us on the journey. We can’t wait to see what this season has in store for us.