Adventures in Theatre: The ISTA Method

2 December 2019

Why a book now?
We have recently celebrated our 40th birthday and wanted to mark this milestone with an invaluable resource for international Theatre teachers. Much has changed in the landscape of theatre education since 1986 when our founder, Patricia Zich, published her book Teaching Ensemble Technique in Theatre. However, as with both that forerunner and this new publication, The ISTA Method is designed to be an inspiration rather than a definitive guide on how things should be done. Over the years ISTA has attracted and brought together artists and educators who all share a willingness and an interest in being part of the adventure of international theatre education. This book has been created in collaboration with some of these adventurers and as such represents the diversity of approaches that inform the ISTA method. It has been put together in the form of a guidebook that you might pick up before, after or during an adventure.

‘Teachers spend hours and hours combing books and the internet for ideas in order to plan classroom units or revitalize already existing ones. As a teacher of theatre, if for no other reason, buy this book for the incredible amount of unique and useful units of study, strategies, and games to use in the classroom. I have never seen this many amazing resources and great ideas all combined in one resource.’

Marsha Yalden, Teacher at Sturgis Charter School, USA

What you will find in Adventures in Theatre?

The ISTA method
An outline of ISTA’s mission; our primary, middle and high school pedagogy (in practice) from the perspective of an artistic director; our andragogy model; and an article based on a major piece of recent research completed for ISTA by Dinos Aristidou on the impact of the ISTA method: collective, immersive and experiential learning.

The ISTA way: routes, pathways and directions
Articles on ensemble, working internationally, learning through Theatre, directing school productions and making your own work.

Mapping an adventure
A step by step guide to curriculum planning.

Journeys and itineraries
Sample units of work for primary, middle and high school teachers.

Activities and things to do
120 exercises, activities and games to use immediately in your classroom.

Fabulous finds
A collection of recommended theatre books for your personal use and/or department library.

How much is the book?
Adventures in Theatre is GBP £26 plus p&p.

How can you order this book?
Order it through the ISTA shop today!

The book is available from mid-December.

All proceeds from Adventures in Theatre go to ISTA’s Connect programme.
ISTA Connect uses the ISTA festival experience model to bring together young people from international schools with young people from communities that they might not have worked with before. Over the space of a few days they work together, through the ISTA ensemble method, with a shared purpose to create theatrical work in collaboration. The ISTA Connect festival empowers young people and equips them to be active members of their communities. It gives them an awareness and understanding of community, social and/or global issues and a commitment to working in collaboration with others to explore these.