An Executive Director reflects on… digging deeper

1 March 2022

When I picked this card today, I used it to reflect both on my first month at ISTA as well as our forthcoming month-long celebrations for World Theatre Day on the 27th March.

The past month has involved a lot of deep digging. We’ve been focusing on our identity as an organisation, trying to get to the heart of what we do. As with all deep digging, it has taken us right down to our very roots, our origins and that which nurtures us and allows us to grow. This has involved thinking about the staff team, our artists, our members and our honorary life members who are the heart of what we do. In digging deeper, you also mine both treasures and debris. We’ve started that slow process of sifting and identifying what we value most as well as what distracts us from our mission.

Theatre, and our work as a global organisation that focuses on learning through theatre, is all about digging deeper.

Theatre is both a microscope and a telescope. It gives us the opportunity to look closely at the world, our communities and ourselves.

As a telescope, it gives us insights into the human condition and what it means to be human. Both these perspectives encourage us to dig deep, consider the state of the world and our responsibilities. Theatre and our work at ISTA also bring people and communities. Our world theatre month gives us the chance to come together, support each other and celebrate all of this. 

About World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day was established in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI). On their website they outline the various goals, contributors and past celebrations.

Learn more about how you can also join in the celebrations in the link below.

Download the How to Celebrate World Theatre Day Guidelines booklet here.