An Executive Director reflects on… listen

4 April 2022

To listen is an essential part of my every day.  It’s the basis of being collaborative, of being connected and of being current- keeping an ear to the ground, keeping informed of the latest ideas regarding both learning and artistic practice. And of course, listening to our community, to our members, to our artists, to the young people who make up the wonder that is ISTA. This is an area that we’re all working on, trying to develop the best channels for listening. 

And this month, after our ISTA celebrations leading up to ‘World theatre day’, the global world theatre message of 2022 by the wonderful artist Peter Sellars really resonated with me: 

‘We don’t need to be entertained. We need to gather. We need to share space, and we need to cultivate shared space. We need protected spaces of deep listening and equality.’

World Theatre Day Message Author – Peter Sellars

This is our dream and our ambition here at ISTA, to create these shared, protected spaces where we can gather, connect, listen, speak and collectively make the changes that need to be made and celebrate the things we value.