An executive director reflects on…play

4 July 2022

Ensemble is the heart of ISTA and play is the heart of ensemble. It is through the ensemble method that ISTA brings people together, forging new connections, creating communities of learning. 

Play is the spirit with which we work here at ISTA. We value the powerful way that we can learn through play, the fact that play transcends borders and languages and transports us into the realms of the imagination, into the world of make-believe where anything is possible. Play brings us together and celebrates our togetherness. It doesn’t focus on outcomes, but honours process.

Play is about taking risks. Play is life without consequence, allowing us to try on new identities for size, explore complex situations in order to gain new perspectives, step into the unfamiliar to see the world afresh. 

Play is the child of creativity and innovation is the child of play. It guides us as we consider our future, encouraging us to think about different approaches, imagine new possibilities, welcome new people and form new partnerships.

Play is what we do.

The reflection cards guide us and remind us of what is at the heart of everything we do.