An Executive Director reflects on… welcoming adventure

8 February 2022

4th February 2022

Well, it’s the end of my first week in the new role and I’ve decided to use the reflection cards to inspire my reflections. Picking a random card and then thinking about what the message might be. The card I picked today (I promise it wasn’t rigged) made me chuckle.

Dinos reflection card

It does feel like I’m embarking on an adventure as I begin my work in this new role. I have so many questions, ideas, things to discover. It’s not an adventure I’m embarking on alone and I do feel I’m in safe hands and on a ship I know well. Nevertheless, every adventure starts with some trepidation and doubt. After all, we’re all embarking on an adventure back into a world we didn’t anticipate or imagine. Though we may have some useful maps, we also need to draw some new ones as we set sail into these unchartered waters. 

What does welcoming adventure mean to me? Well, to be open hearted, to be fearless, to be curious and most important of all, to expect to be surprised. If the wonders and the challenges to be encountered were all already known, then it wouldn’t be an adventure, would it? 

Welcome aboard!