An Executive Director reflects on… what are the alternatives?

7 June 2022

It’s good to start with questions. Inquiry is at the heart of ISTA and our approach to our work. Questions are also on our mind. As we begin the new ISTA year, all of us are thinking about this question. 

The future, of course, is uncertain. Rather than wait and see what the future will bring, let’s instead ask ourselves what we can bring to the future. It’s so easy to get into a habitual cycle, especially when faced with challenge or change. It’s far more comforting to stay with the familiar and not bother ourselves with alternatives. But asking ourselves questions, asking ourselves not only ‘can we do things better?’ but also ‘what are the alternatives?’ is after all the nature of creativity, of arts practice and of learning. 

So as we look towards the future, I ask us all to consider the alternatives, question, look at things differently, play with possibilities. It’s what ISTA and the ensemble method were designed to do- to create an alternative world. So I hope that we can make this the approach not only on how we shape ISTA’s future but also the future of the world.