Brand new face to face ISTA TaPS – revived and refreshed

14 March 2022

Introducing ISTA TaPS – Perspectives

3 days – Specialist workshops – IB DP Theatre focussed – Two productions

The ISTA TaPS experience engages young people with the IB DP Theatre course. 

ISTA TaPS: PERSPECTIVES gives IB DP Theatre students the unique opportunity to work intensively with a series of 4 current and practising theatre professionals who each specialise in:

Collaboratively creating original theatre

Directing/Designing play texts

The performance of a particular theatre tradition or practice

Making work based on a particular theatre theorist

Every student, working with IB theatre students from different schools, will engage with each of these specialists as well as having a workshop with an IB DP Theatre specialist.  The IB DP Theatre specialist will help the students to reflect on and consider how to apply their learning from TaPS to their own IB DP course. This gives students the opportunity to frame and make the most of each of their sessions with the professional artists.

Primarily working with specialist artists, usually sourced from cultural organisations where the TaPS will be held, offers us the opportunity to work with and contribute to the cultural ecology of the places where TAPS takes place. 

ISTA TaPS Perspectives provides students with an understanding of how the syllabus areas of the IB DP Theatre course are applied to real-life, current theatre practice. It  acts as a launchpad for students’ explorations of theatre to further pursue once back in their own schools. 

Working with DP Theatre students from different schools broadens perspectives, forges friendships and enhances all learning.


29th September – 1st OctoberHong Kong (Local Schools Only)
4th – 6th October 2022London 1
6th – 8th October 2022Chiang Mai
8th – 10th October 2022London 2
11th – 13th October 2022London 3
20th – 22nd October 2022New York

General schedule outline

Day 19:00am-5:00pm+ evening theatre performance
Day 29:00am-5:00pm+ evening theatre performance
Day 39:00am-3:00pm
*teacher/chaperones will receive two Master Class/PD&L sessions as part of the event.


This is a general overview of the costs for both ISTA and School Hosted TaPS. A full cost breakdown will be included on each individual event webpage. Registration costs do not include flights, accommodation or food*. 

*School hosted TaPS fees include meals as part of the registration fee. (Hong Kong & Chiang Mai)

Per student fees

Memberbetween £320 and £370(depending on location)
Non memberbetween £365 and £445 (depending on location)
Teachersbetween £100 and £190 (depending on location) 

Booking & Registration

Booking opens 28th March on the ISTA website. 

Registration window – 1st June – 24th August. 

*virtual TaPS will continue as before with one SEL specialist, one MC and one performance.  Scheduling customisable to each school