Bringing ISTA home through in-house, AiR and whole school PD experiences

30 March 2020

With the uniquely isolating world we currently find ourselves in we want to be sure that teachers are well equipped for times when travel isn’t an option and ‘staying in’ is the new norm. We thankfully offer three fantastic programmes that bring ISTA right to your doorstep and allow you to develop bespoke programming that can be developed with teacher, student and even your whole school staff learning in mind without leaving your own ‘home’.

ISTA in-house events
Our in-house events allow teachers to create their very own unique ISTA learning experience and make connections to their existing programmes, integrate different models into other events and extend student understanding by exploring school concepts through theatre. Find out more about our in-house events here:

Download the inhouse event brochure here


ISTA Artist in Residence (AiR)
ISTA’s inspirational pool of artists can also be brought into your school to work with your students, staff or entire faculty to support and enhance the learning of theatre. Our AiRs also allow the use of theatre to enrich other curricular projects in the arts and in wider curricular areas. As a stand alone or riding on the back of an ISTA event we will organise the AiR for you, clarify the learning outcomes and select an artist to meet your needs. Given the number of event cancellations this year due to COVID-19 an AiR is the perfect opportunity to give you students that invaluable ISTA experience without travelling. Our AiR directory below gives a comprehensive account of our artists and what they can deliver.

Download the Artist-in-Residency_AiR-directory_2019-2020


ISTA Whole school PD&L service
ISTA’s whole school professional development service gives schools and educational organisations a uniquely affordable opportunity to bring in experienced speakers and acknowledged experts in their field. Focusing on teacher training and development with a proven track record of success, our specialists can offer a range of experiences for your staff, students and parent body. In the absence of travelling to PD&L events within the international community, this service is a great way to bring PD&L into your school to re-energise, re-affirm and re-inspire everyone in these challenging times.

What’s on offer…
1. Being better humans: reflection, compassion and the development of resilience
2. Dilemma led learning: other people with their differences can also be right!
3. Leadership and coaching: building positive mindsets for change management
4. Service learning and the art of kindness
5. Memory and matter: making learning memorable and meaningful
6. The magic storybox: narrative immersion in early education
7. The art of interdisciplinary planning: a model for authentic practice
8. Uncharted territories: adventures in learning
9. Philosophy for children through dramatic inquiry

Find out more about each of these unique learning experiences here:

Download the Whole school professional development service brochure here