8 June 2020

The community has seen strong and proactive decision making, prompt refund of fees and timely communication. Teachers are very grateful for this and consequently our reputation is now even stronger than before.

Everyone has appreciated the care and the compassion that has been demonstrated in all communication throughout COViD-19.

We have continued to work collaboratively with teachers, hosts and heads of schools, and this communication has also strengthened our reputation and led to effective decision making.

We are delighted to have received so many positive responses to our COViD bulletins. The community welcomes clear and regular communication, and relationships are strengthened as a result of this.

Keriann O’Rourke and Jeff Redman (International School Beijing) have run weekly online discussions/workshops for teachers embracing e-learning.

Sessions take place in Asia, Europe and North America.
They have provided support, affirmation, ideas, connection and new networks and friendships.
Keriann is now working with ISTA artists who are volunteering their time to give mini-workshops as part of the online forum.
All resources shared by teachers are being collated and stored centrally.
ISTA is facilitating this forum for all theatre teachers, not just ISTA members.

Take a look at what some of the participants had to say about their online experiences.

We have set up more frequent team meetings and these are as much for support, listening and connecting as they are for discussing and communicating key decisions.

The ISTA book has been welcomed by all who have ordered a copy, and is a cherished resource for teachers.

We are working with ISTA artist Simon Bell on an amazing new resource coming out of our global challenge on Identity – with resources created for each inspiration pack. We are also engaging a number of artists to contribute – giving much needed work.

As well as continuing to promote the alumni through our Inspirations email stories – I’m now working with an ex-student of trustee Anne Drouet – Valeria Riquelme. Valeria has agreed to oversee the launch of our alumni via Instagram – a new account. The premise is to ask alumni to share stories, connections, projects and to get an alumni, run by alumni, up and running. Hugely exciting and it’s now up and running… @istaafterista

We celebrate the work of the finance committee and thank Rob, Emily and Jo for the amazing work over the past few months. Demonstrating the success of committee work, providing Jo and Sally with much needed support and guidance, and producing a considered operational and financial, ongoing, response to COViD-19. The attention to detail, action plans and difficult conversations have all been crucial to ISTA’s short and long term response.