DP Theatre training – 2020 and beyond

31 August 2020

In light of the delay to the launch of the new DP Theatre course, ISTA will be adjusting its schedule of trainings over the next two years.

As a DP Theatre teacher, if you haven’t been informed of this news, please check in with your IB coordinator. A comms has been sent to all IB coordinators and a further comms is planned for the beginning of September, by way of DP coordinator notes.

For experienced DP Theatre teachers
• The SSS workshops that were due to take place between February – April 2021 will now take place in 2022. Same venues, same weekend dates – just one year later!
• There will be no customary Category 2 workshops between now and the SSSs.
• The launch of the new Category 3 workshops will move from summer 2022 to summer 2023.
• We are, however, delivering regular monthly workshops for DP Theatre teachers on various aspects of the course. Please click here for more details.
• These monthly workshops will continue between January – May 2021 and we’d be delighted to hear from you about your interests and needs for DP Theatre PD&L.

For new DP Theatre teachers
If you are new to teaching DP Theatre this year we are excited to announce that ISTA will be offering online Category 1 workshops. The first of these take place in October/November. Please use the links below to find out more:

Category 1 DP Theatre training for teachers in Africa, Europe and the Middle East
Category 1 DP Theatre training for teachers in the Americas
Category 1 DP Theatre training for teachers in Asia Pacific

These workshops are synchronous, interactive and collaborative!
There will be further Cat 1 training opportunities in summer 2021.
New teachers are also very welcome to join us at our monthly PD&L workshops.

If you have questions about training and/or about our DP Theatre monthly workshops, please email tom@ista.co.uk