Face to face events are making a comeback

16 February 2022

It feels so good to be back!

We have just come off of the back of our first face to face (F2F) IB workshop in Atlanta since our IB training has gone online and the experience of coming together had such an impact on our artists and participants. Simon Bell, our teacher workshop leader, described it like this:

“The ISTA magic was back over the last 3 days! It really was like old times and the participants were actually very emotional to have had the face to face experience and be able to collaborate with real life humans.”

Simon Bell – Atlanta IB SSS workshop leader

Often it is those moments in between the learning where we make our biggest memories. Chats over coffee, discussions over dinner and students laughter filling the hallways or playground during breaks – they are slowly making a comeback and we would love to have you join us.

So here’s a quick look at some of our upcoming F2F experiences – with even more on the horizon.


Shanghai HS in-house festival 

19th February 2022

This is a virtual experience that has recently changed into a face to face festival. Students at Western International School Shanghai ages 11-16 will be working with ISTA artist Stephen Finegold to explore the Global Context of Borders, barriers and boundaries: The push and pull. This 1-day experience will culminate in a sharing at the end of the day.

Brussels HS festival

The British School of Brussels is hosting a 2-day festival with ISTA artists Ben Vardy joining them from the UK. Together they will explore the theme of ‘cultural baggage’.

Lisbon HS festival

Virtual in-house March 2022 & hosting F2F in 2023

We are so excited to have the Carlucci American International School hosting both a virtual experience next month as well as already looking ahead to 2023 to confirm a F2F festival for the next ISTA season. Yes!!

Luxembourg MS festival – Safe houses and fortresses

5th – 8th May 2022

This is a face to face festival hosted by the International School of Luxembourg working in ensemble groups with ISTA artists. This face to face experience will include a cultural exploration to a site (TBC) and a sharing of works on the Sunday morning.

Sounds like fun? Get a group together to join us in Luxembourg!

Click the link below for more information.

TaPS – for students of IB Theatre

Event webpages are being organised as we speak and your chance to book will be opening in a few weeks time. We have some exciting new features to our Face to Face events that will really bring student learning to a whole new level.

Hong Kong
29th September – 1st October 2022
London, UK
3 dates! 4-6th, 8-10th, and 11-13th October 2022
Chiang Mai, Thailand
6th – 8th October 2022
New York, USA
20th – 22nd October, 2022

Is travel still not possible? We’ve got you covered with our virtual TaPS events. These events will remain in the same successful learning format we have developed over the past 2 years.

IB teacher workshop training

And there’s more Face to face IB workshop training on the horizon! Connect and collaborate with fellow theatre teachers in these fantastic workshops.