Festival locations & dates… so far

31 May 2022

Things are heating up in the world of festivals and we are delighted to announce the first of our festival dates, locations and hosts for 2022-2023. A huge thanks go out to schools who have offered to host an event and get our face to face festival experiences back on the roster – where they belong!

We anticipate this list opening up even further in the upcoming months.

When do festival bookings open?

Bookings open SEPTEMBER 2022.

For Members – booking opens on 1st September.
For Non-members – booking opens 20th September.

As most of the events are smaller sized events we are putting a few limits on the booking process to ensure as members as possible get a chance to attend. Please note: 

– Initial bookings will be limited to 10 students per organisation

– Initial bookings will be limited to one festival per organisation for 2022-2023.

– Waiting lists will be created when an event sells out initially and if/when spaces open up after registration, organisations on the waiting list will be notified.

– Requests for advance booking or early reservation of places can not be accommodated.

We want more festivals!

Yes – more festivals please!

We would love more festivals to bring our members together too! If you would like to host a festival either at your school or on a site nearby, please reach out to Vicki vicki@ista.co.uk and set up a time to chat about festival hosting options.

You can check out our Festival hosting FAQ blog to find out more about the hosting experience.