From the reflection deck – Get out of the shallows

15 September 2022

by Dinos Aristidou, Executive Director

This is an interesting card to get this month as we’ve launched our festivals and a full programme of face-to-face events.

We’re also embarking on some new partnerships and strands of work.

A ship in shallow waters is static. To move, to travel places, both old and new, you need to get out of the shallows. Though the shallows are safe and familiar they don’t take you anywhere. They provide a harbour when we need it but it’s always a danger to become too accustomed to it. Setting sail into the depths is always a risky business. We don’t know what lies ahead, what storms or obstacles we might encounter. We do know, however, that if we don’t set sail we won’t open ourselves to new adventures, new lands or to the treasures that may lie hidden beneath the surface.

Deep waters also require deep thinking and careful preparation. Here at ISTA we’ve been working hard to ensure our ship is ready and seaworthy, that we’re clear of our destinations and our purpose. Join us and wish us luck as we set sail. We look forward to sailing with you into both known and uncharted waters, exploring the world through theatre and discovering new lands with an open heart and a curious mind.

Learner Activity

Ask students to think of a situation in their theatre making where they might be in the shallows. What would it take to get out of the shallows? What do the depths look like? What might hold them back?