IBWISE – Student IB revision camp in Vienna, Austria

10 March 2020

IBWISE MYP/DP Young Artists In Residence Summer Programme 2020 in Vienna

‘Young Artists in Residence’ (YAIR) Summer Camp
for ages 14-18

Course Dates: July 20th-26th, 2020
— For PRE IB and MID IB students and those who simply wish to explore any of the above or work on their portfolios.
— Only highly renowned and experienced MYP and DP educators and examiners will teach and guide students.

All Group 6 subjects: IB Theatre (with ISTA’s Dinos Aristidou), IB Film (Erick Pessoa), IB Visual Arts (Derek Pigrum), IB Music (Lee Betts) and ‘Simply Dance’ (Adrian Turner and Nami Holderman)
IB Wise’s YAIR workshops may also be combined with any of their regular PRE IB and MID IB subject sessions (eg Biology, History, Math…)

What it includes:
— Workshops and board, 24/7 pastoral care, pick-up/drop-off, all events, material and
exhibitions are included
— 15 hours (3 days) or 35 hours (7 days)

Sign up here: www.ibwise.com/book-course

Download the IBWise revision camp brochure here:
IB Wise Revision Camp brochure

Website:  www.ibwise.com