Love, laughter and happily ever after

3 September 2019


Louise Clark
ISTA artist

The saying goes ‘From Hell, Hull and Halifax, may the good lord deliver us’. I’m from Halifax. He’s from Hull. Make of that what you will; maybe we should have thought twice? Maybe you should give us a wide berth from now on? Either way we married in our home country of Yorkshire. (Yes you read that right, country. If you’ve got issue with it, take it up with mi father.)

It was a proper party with pom poms, pass the parcel, prizes and pies. We had the most incredible day and my heart was full looking out across a room of so many people we know and love. It was extra special to see the faces of fabulous folk who had travelled from all over the globe, some of whom have become our nearest and dearest through the magical world of ISTA. My very good pals and ISTA artists Jez Gregg and Jess Thorpe were our magnificent, megaphone wielding masters of ceremonies in co-ordinating polka dots (as we all know it’s all about the costume). We were also joined by ISTA wonders Stephen Finegold, Debbie Kidd, Theresa Chapman and Leanne Fulcher… plus we were so lucky to have our good friend and ISTA photographer Paul Chapman take our wedding photographs — needless to say the results are incredible!

Adam Herzig
ISTA artist and member teacher at Shanghai American School, Puxi campus

Luis and I met three years ago while I was living and working in Panama. We dated for a few years and were able to keep up a long distance relationship through my first year in Shanghai, which included lots of romantic rendezvouses throughout the world as well as more practical Chinese visits.

We had our legal wedding in Los Angeles, California with some amazing friends and family at a lovely house owned by a friend in Griffith Park. We were so lucky to have so many people take care of us and surround us with so much love and support. It ended up being an incredible day with very little stress!

After our time in Los Angeles we went down to Panama City and had a celebration there with our friends and members of his family that could not attend the L.A. wedding and we are now excited to get our life started together!

Nick Pillow
ISTA artist and member teacher at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School

My husband Amit and I were married on 22nd June 2019 in the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom. We met in Mumbai, India three years ago through online dating. The wedding venue was the house built by the Victorian poet Alfred Noyes who wrote The Highwayman. We had friends and family from around the world come and share in our day, some travelling from as far away as India, Japan, Singapore and the United States. Fenella Kelly (fellow ISTA artist) whom I met while living in Mumbai was also there to celebrate.

Our theme was Midsummer Night’s Wedding and as the garden was a big feature of our venue and Amit is a lighting designer, he floodlit many of the trees in the grounds which added to the magic. Our wedding was not without its hurdles leading up to the big day — in India where we live, gay relationships are legally recognised though gay marriage is not, which led us to decide on the Isle of Wight to get married. And to keep things exciting our caterer went into labour (three weeks premature) two days before the wedding. Our wedding ended up being catered by her mum which worked out well but added a bit of drama to the whole experience. After all was said and done, we enjoyed a lovely honeymoon in Scotland.