Our event review

1 June 2018

We are now 12 months in to our event review and have gathered some fascinating data from teachers, artists and students about the festival experience.

“ISTA is committed to providing best practice at all our events. As such we have a responsibility to regularly review our events to ensure that their content remains relevant; incorporating the latest in arts and educational research; and that events are consistent with current international artistic and educational models as well as our mission and values.”

The review is considering the following:

Feedback from teachers about the festival experience – this will include:

– Surveys;
– Face to face conversations at events led by the Rep;
– Longer surveys/discussions with a key team of invited member teachers who comprise the new teacher advisory panel.
– Input from key members of our community including trustees, senior consultants and staff.

Research into current educational theatre practice:

– What’s happening in theatre?
– What’s happening with major theatre curricular?
– What’s happening with research linked to the brain as well as learning and teaching?
– What’s happening within research in the arts internationally?

Gathering data began this past year and we are now considering various reports and recommendations to be presented at the board meeting in June. Further data will be collected along with one more pilot festival (we have carried out 2 pilots so far – in Dusseldorf and Sotogrande) in the autumn. All findings and decisions will be communicated to member teachers at the beginning of 2019 and rolled out for our 2019-2020 calendar.